Monday, August 17, 2009

Mary Worth 548

Ten minutes ago:

Just look at the differences Lawrence is making!

In the short time since Delilah hid behind Number One Fan's speech bubble, Lawrence has made several significant DIFFERENCES: He's transformed Delilah's shirt, inspiring it to overcome the blotches of its past. He's transformed his own shirt, bleaching out the stains of past failures. He's transformed his entire face, becoming older and much wiser. He's extended Delilah's haircut back to its true, self-loving, empowering length. Hey, this guy is making a DIFFERENCE!

I wonder how Toby and Ian are doing in Scotland? Do you think Ian will come back with a kilt?

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Wanders said...

Before posting something obvious, please be sure to read the free hidden message in the panel from today's strip. Thank you.

Numbat said...

Actually I thought that our dear Del was becoming over-excited and, aa a result, was starting to begin to babble hysterically. I assumed Lawrence was bringing his hand up to slap her face before she lost her grip on reality entirely.

Paul Pennington said...

Well, we're impressed. More marriages could be saved if couples would follow the example currently exhibited by Del and Lawrence -- going out of their way to find solutions to problems rather than insisting that their individual needs and wants be satisified.

Another matter however and one I and others have tossed out over the last year or so: We should demand timely updates on Drew, Confey, Almalfi, Dawn, Adriene, Ella Byrd, Kelrast's cousin, Lucas Weckerly IV, Weston, Dr. Tran, Scott Hewlett, and others. Some of us with nothing better to do, worry about their well-being and imagine all sorts of senarios.

Unknown said...

Can we also have timely updates on that $50,000?

Otismaximus said...

I tell you what's easy, making a difference in peoples lives. Lawrence can do it with simple ease and he's glad to do it. He can do it in a box, with a fox in his home on the phone.

Vicki said...

As Robert mentioned yesterday, Lawrence has no doubt discovered the internet.
He excitedly explains to Del: "I'm going to look into this new thing called a 'website'. Someone asked me after my lecture if I had a website, and I confessed I didn't know what the heck that even means.
He seemed to think this website thingy would help me get the word out about my difference-making lectures. *SNORT!* Imagine that!

Plus he mentioned this "Amazon"... (River??) place??? He said my pretty pink books could be sold through therm! It's worth a try, dear!

duckduckgoose (who knows deflection when she sees it) said...

I have to agree with Numbat and say that Delilah looks wild-eyed, mad, nutty as a fruitcake.
Is she filled with the spirit of her husband's "difference-making" lecture? Wildly enthusiastic about her renewed commitment to marriage?
Or is she distracting from the question still hanging in the air...
"What prompted you to come here TONIGHT?" Del

duckduckgoose said...

A brush with InfiDELity?

tuffenuf said...

Amber, thank you for making my day. WHERE IS THE $50 GRAND?

And Wanders, no, we will not comment on the obvious hand placement. No, not at all.

Toots McGee said...

Karen Moy's writing has lately put me in mind of the adult education students taking the creative writing class from Billy Crystal in Throw Momma From the Train.

Her grasp of academia or the lecturing game or whatever Lawrence is supposed to be doing to "make a difference" is similar to the woman who wanted to write an adventure novel about sumariners, including such lines as:

"Dive... DIVE" yelled the captain through the thing. So the captain pressed a button, or something, and it dove. And the enemy was foiled again!

...or character motivation as in when Billy Crystal tells Owen (Danny Devito) that his character's action wasn't motivated and Owen says, "Sure it was. The guy in the hat killed the other guy in the hat."

Anonymous said...

Yes. Yes, I would like to see Ian in a kilt.

Vicki said...

Since Ian is a proud Scot, it would be okay if he wears a kilt now and again. I just don't think it's appropriate for the Charterstone pool party. (It would make the other tenants jealous and it might clash with Charley's choice of loud shirts!)

Where is Chester the Dog today? Did someone leave the gate open again?

Chester (bidding on an end soon) said...

Is Del responding to Lawrence, or to the episode of THE PRICE IS RIGHT on the rooms tv? She looks ready to bid on that patio furniture the lovely Janice is modelling on Channel 2.

This makes me remember last summer when Lynn was skating herself into a whipped frenzy..."Moy, end this already, the gallon of catsup/coffee by the pool/rink is going bad!

Once L has his pink book for sale on, poor enormoushop is going to go out of business. There goes the recession recovery.

Chester and Lucy said...

To calm the worried few. Chester took the day off to go shopping. I went to Target on Long Island, then to Walmart to pay my 15 buck credit card bill. I got to the customer service desk and realized I had dropped my blank check back in Target! Sweating, I rushed back to Target, to find my blank check on the floor on the health and beauty aids section! My Peanuts (tm) Lucy check blended in nicely with the floor, no one saw it. I was happier than Toby in the Scotland section of

Moral of the story...people do not pick up Lucy Van Pelt when she is face up on the floor.

Thanks, Vicki for being concerned in flyover land. A big drool to you.

Chester dot com said...

If Lawrence has a website, what would it be called?