Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mary Worth 552

"I can't imagine anyone else I'd want to be with... And believe me I've looked. I'm tired of running off to meet old boyfriends. I made a commitment a long time ago. I just needed to realize it again. Just like I said last year. But the great thing about commitments is you can realize them over and over again... Wait a minute. Is that the invisible man leaning ever so casually against the bed? I wonder if he likes Rodgers and Hammerstein... Hmmm."

Today's Full Strip


duckduckgoose said...

Flighty Delilah,
Now that you're home,
Let's start a family!
Scarred for life when you roam.

I'm still not sure about you,
but there's no backing out now.
Let's start a family!
If we only knew how...

Toots McGee said...

There really shouldn't be enough room under (and behind) Lawrence's chin for Delilah's entire head.

djangosmom said...

It looks like Lawrence has Del in a headlock to keep her from sliding off the tipped bed.

Vicki said...

I like your poem, duckduckgoose! I'm convinced these two fools have never consummated their marriage. Maybe they should buy a book or something.

And I don't wish to interfere with this happy moment, but any moment that phone is going to ring. It will be Charley demanding to know where his South Pacific DVD is.

Chester said...

Phone rings: "Room 666? We have a package for you. It's from a place called Charterstone. The box smells like..salmon squares and seafood scampi!"

Anonymous said...

i cant believe you deleted my comment i guess ill stick to comic curmudgeon