Monday, August 24, 2009

Mary Worth 554

I have two things to be grateful for this morning. One, "Valley of the Dels" ended yesterday before things got any more sickening, and two, we were spared watching Ian and Toby fall in love all over again.

But now that they're in love all over again, I'm not sure what to expect. Part of me feels that despite Toby's belief that love is hard, and no one is ever truly happy, yada yada, their love has always been measured in grotesquely inhuman proportions. If they fall even more in love, I worry they'll drive the rest of our marriages to miserable destruction just by comparison. So we can look forward to that.

I think we need to go ahead and declare a winner in the "Name Del's Book" Not-A-Real-Contest™ contest. Gold Digging Nanny wins by popular vote for her entry: "How to Succeed at Marriage by Failing at Adultery," which is also available as a Podcast. I'd like to thank all of our participants for your creative and very hilarious suggestions. Gold Digging Nanny, you can send me your ideas for a new Charterstone Jukebox song. Remember, the condo board must approve all music added to the jukebox, so please keep in mind their musical sensibilities. Congratulations!

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tuffenuf said...

Yay! I laughed and laughed at "How to succeed at Marriage by failing at Adultery". Good pick, Wanders!

Now, for our next story. Could it be a little, um less cheesy? The Del and Lawrence story almost made me ashamed to be reading Mary Worth... It was neither funny nor interesting. Can we bring back Aldo or someone else like that?


phoebes in santa fe said...

I've often wondered if Toby is a "trophy wife". I mean, Ian SEEMS to be quite a bit older than Toby, but I don't know if it's money and prestige that drew Toby to marry him. He does seem like a bit - a large bit, actually - of a pompous ass. He's always acting like he's a full professor at Harvard, rather than an associate professor at Santa Royale Junior College.

And how secure can their marriage be if a couple of years ago Toby was terrified that Ian would leave her because of a computer snafu about their credit card?

Any ideas about the TRUE nature of their relationship?

Chester (a few weeks later) said...

"A few weeks later..." I think we missed someting in that time. What is Moy hiding from us?

pandagrandma said...

Well, well! It looks like we'll be having a bit of a "baby boom" around May of 2010!!

Robert said...

I don't know that we've been spared seeing Ian and Toby fall in love all over again. What's to stop Moy from using the rest of this week's strips showing flashbacks of Ian and Toby strolling the cobblestones of Edinburgh. Even scarier, there might be panels featuring Toby in a kilt!

Chester (losing track of time) said...

phoebes in santa fe: that credit card tragedy was only one year ago this week! Then we jetted off to Lake Plac-er, Tranquil, changed clothes in a car, met Del and her patio what a year!

phoebes in santa fe said...

The computer agonies were only one year ago? That story line seems so much longer to me. I remember being upset enough to wring Karen Moy's neck (metaphorically, of course) and tell her it was the stupidest story line in years.

And, why don't I remember the story line of Del and the patio furniture?

Vicki said...

phoebes in santa fe:

I do recall from the bio on Toby that she is an accomplished miniatures artist. And of course, as you mentioned, the good professor is highly esteemed at the prestigous Santa Royale Junior college. Throughout the years they have had some major arguments for sure. (I remember once, years ago, that Ian very angrily bellowed, "Confound it, Toby!" It was quite scary!) but it seems the old boy has mellowed quite a bit this last decade.
I for one would like to SEE some of Toby's artwork, but mostly she just drinks coffee with Mary. I suspect some of Mary's odd picture arrangements are works by Toby,though.

Anonymous said...

Even scarier, there might be panels featuring Toby in a kilt!

They had to re-define the obesity scale to include Ian, and you're worried about seeing Toby in a kilt!?

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

I feel so honored!

The first song for the jukebox that came to mind was "Your Cheatin' Heart," and I think it might be a good fit for Charterstone. I'll let you pick the version, Wanders.

Robert said...

Oops! Of course, I meant "Ian in a kilt."