Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mary Worth 558

Thank you, Mary. Thank you. Thank you for reminding us that there still remain problems to be solved. Crime, pollution, injustice are just the tip of the iceberg. There's also forced perspective, shallow characterization and bland stereotypes. Boredom is another of the world's ills. Art of a sort is busy scarring children. Ice skaters failing to keep it tight. So many pets at Charterstone. People actually wearing swimming suits at the swimming pool. Con-men with shifty mustaches walking off with $50k. Professional law enforcement officials, preying on vulnerable love sick victims. A recent surge in medical malpractice in Vietnam. So many problems. And Mary is right. Love can't solve them. There's clearly only one cure: Really, really intense and committed meddling. Mary, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get back to work.

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Diving Off A Cliff said...

Really, Adrian just has the worst luck with men! Turns out that Scott is a psychopath who pops the heads off women he seduces so he can soliloquize a la Hamlet.

pamster said...

Adrian does seem to have a nasty habit of losing her head to every man who looks her way, doesn't she?

Tony said...

Far be it from me to nit pick, but I believe Browning's original verse is "God's in his heaven,
All's right WITH the world."

But then, why should Toby be expected to know English literature?

Numbat said...

Thank you for the secret message Wanders. :) However, I must take issue with one point in today's entry. I don't think the perspective is forced at all - it looks as if it meanders wherever it damn well pleases and any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.

In today's strip Toby looks as if she's had one too many gin & gins [no that is not a typo]. The arm gestures are becoming more effusive in each succeeding panel.

And the very last panel today does so make me think of "Porphyria's Lover" which is a little disquietening.

Toots McGee said...

It looks like Mary is game to shoot hoops with grapes but Toby won't open her mouth, so Mary leaves Toby hanging when she goes up for a high five.

Meanwhile, Scott is looking to pick up a spare at Santa Royale Lanes using Adrian's head.

Duckduckgoose said...

Mary's in a dismal mood because she hasn't connected, literally or figuratively, in years.

No offense to Dr. Jeff, but I can't picture him enticing Mary's head to leave her torso the way some men can do.

Vicki said...

Good gracious!! For all Ted Confey's faults, at least he never severed Adrian's head! What a horrific crime Det. Scott has committed on that poor little lovesick nitwit. And where is her torso? Ick.

I DO hope Mary has remembered to wash those grapes, or else she can add diarrhea to her list of "all-that's-not-right" with my world.

Robert said...

Scott's investigation into Ted's crimes led him to the discovery that Adrian can't resist a man who touches her face. He just thought he'd take it one step further to REALLY stand out from the crowd of 3 men Adrian's ever dated.

phoebes in santa fe said...

The world is fine because Lawrence and Deliliah are back together?

This is a couple that flees from emotional connection and is probably apart more than they're together.

If THEY'RE the couple Toby considers a touchstone, we're all in trouble!

Chester (licking his own face) said...

Adrians severed head comes as no surprise. Children, never drive without a steering wheel.

The face touchng is back, and portable too.

Vicki, don't worry about those filthy grapes. One dunk in the gin and gin and they are fit for any fool, er, Charterstone resident.

tuffenuf said...

I think that Joe Giella is on vacation and the fill-in person is "Ancora Imparo".

One would think that JG could draw Mary fairly consistently by now. This substitute is all over the map!