Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vote for Del's New Book Title

The Condo Board has selected four finalists in the "Name Delilah's Book" Not-A-Real-Contest contest, so you can cast your vote for your favorite.


Anonymous said...

Happy to vote. Won't say who for though ;-)

boojum said...

Shoot! Too late to get my names in! I was thinking:

How Are Babby Formed?
So. Porific.
One Button Away From Heaven
Happy Schlock
Smart Women, Foolish Fashion Choices
So... Girls Just Don't Want to Have Fun?
Prodigies and Philosophers: I Don't Believe That Word Means What You Think It Means
It's D'Lightful; It's D'lerious. It's D'Lilah!

Still — excellent choices, all! Which to choose...? How to Succeed at Marriage by Failing at Adultery is the best summation of this plot line that anyone could come up with. But then, Salmon Squares for the Soul perfectly expresses the entire Charterstone zeitgeist.

Decision, decisions.

By the way, should I be concerned that my word verification is "slicie?" With the new Halloween 2 movie in the theaters, I'm a little freaked out.

Vicki said...

Look at those flowers! (Lawrence pro'lly placed them next to his mom's picture, as a shrine to her or something! They kind of look like Mary's pink eyeball flowers.

And pray tell WHY is Del turning to look directly at us readers? If she thinks we're interested in buying her dumb music theory book, she's got another think coming! hmmph.