Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mary Worth 561

Jeff actually looks like he's setting up some kind of cheesy joke: "I like Scott, except for one thing: He's a man! Otherwise, I'd marry him myself!" But I'm sure once Jeff get's his head out of the clouds, he'll find lots of things not to like about Scott Hewlett!
  • His hands feel soft and puffy when he shakes.
  • His belt never matches his slacks.
  • He keeps his Kleenex in a flowered cozy.
  • He cries too much.
  • He isn't Scott Hewlett the ink-jet printer heir. He's the other Scott Hewlett.
  • His Smartcar.
  • He eats too many Fun-yuns before he comes over.
The list could go one. I'd love to hear what you think the One Thing is that Jeff doesn't like, or any of the millions of things you think are worthy of the list.


Andrea said...

Well, he obviously doesn't like him because he isn't a sexless, meddling old biddy who likes pink colored soylent green squares.

Robert said...

"I like Scott, except for one thing... He likes Ginger, and I'm a Mary Ann type of guy."

Vicki said...

--he ticketed my Adrian for driving without a steering wheel. That is soooo unfair!

--he refuses to call Adrian "Queenie", even though he KNOWS she adores that nickname!

duckdg said...

... he doesn't seem to be looking for my daughter's 5 grand.

Toots McGee said...

...his mother was a hamster and his father smelled of elderberries (oops, two things).

Chester (eating Milk Bones) said...

"I like Scott, except for one thing...he slurps his Sanka."

"I like Scott, except for one thing...he gets smudge marks on my Nations Geography magazines."

Numbat said...

... he insists on frisking me when he comes over to visit.

viscosity said...

He prefers Gilbert and Sullivan to Rogers a nd Hammerstein.

duckdg that's 50 large, not 5. Vicki likes to go long when being fleeced.

duckdg said...

Thanks. A significant difference where I come from. Whatever the amount, it doesn't seem to have much value in Santa Royale.

Amber said...

He hasn't offered to donate a very impressive number to Peace Village. Yet.

duckdg said...

"After what she's been through... I wonder if she could handle it if anything happened to him."

Of course she could handle it, Jeff.
Adrian would cry profusely at the desk of the funeral home director who will wear a gold-colored jacket. He'll see a strong capable woman beneath the tears and fall in love with her. All better!

Robert said...

Mary's getting so hip in today's strip. "Don't go there, Jeff!" Next thing we know, "Don't get all up in my grill, Jeffshizzle!" will replace "Capische?"

Vicki said...

What IS it with Mary Worth characters and finger pointing!? Every other day someone is pointing a finger at somebody! Mary is scaring me with her "don't go there". She sounds like a gangsta.

Duckduckgoose is right about the funeral home director!
Not that I'd want anything bad to happen to Scott, of course, but what a great business opportunity that could be for A.!

She is such a lousy doctor she could supply a funeral home guy a steady stream of, er, "referred customers."

djangosmom said...

Amber, that is what I was thinking, that Scott hasn't donated to Peace Village yet. (not that Ted REALLY did).

Chester said...

Dangerous situations? I'd say an evening with Adrian and her kicky scarves, wouild be pretty dangerous.