Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mary Worth 563

"Anything goes men (and lady). Not only is the use of unnecessary force authorized. It's encouraged. Now go do some paperwork for two weeks."


djangosmom said...

I can't believe it. I feel like we are about to see Starsky & Hutch enter the Worthiverse. I don't know if I can take it! lol

Edgar the Bug said...

Hey Here's a poem I wrote the other day. It's about Mary Worth and Aldo Kelrast.

There was a old woman named Mary,
Who was really exceedingly scary,
She crushed others hopes and dreams,
And she hatched many evil schemes,

Then one day came a man named Aldo,
He walked up to Mary and said, "Haldo,"
He stalked her for a day or two,
Till Mary boldly said,” We’re through!”

Crying Aldo struggled to his car,
Driving to somewhere very far,
Weeping as he clutched his beer,
Then Aldo quite forgot to steer,

Towards a cliff poor Aldo drove,
Speeding towards the bottomless cove,
He tried the brakes but they didn’t work,
(This of course was Mary’s work,)

The car drove over the cliff and CRASH!!
Then Mary came and saw the car’s ash,
“Bwa – Ha – Ha – Hee – Hee –Hee,”
Mary laughed manically.

duckdg said...

They'll have to send someone in undercover to buy heroin, and it clearly can't be Scott wearing that jacket. ... He stands out as squeaky clean in a room full of Joe Fridays.

phoebes in santa fe said...

You just know that with the chief's evil mustache that HE'LL turn out to be the importer of the heroin!

pandagrandma said...

Oh -- THERE he is! I see Det. Redford now. He's sitting & listening intently in the front row. "We have to attack the problem aggressively!" The Lt. looks like he's about to attack Scott aggressively with that presentation pointer!

When I read this strip this morning, I couldn't help but feel like I was watching an old 1960's (colorized) rerun of The Naked City.

Maude Findlay said...

Ooh, SRPD Blue! I wonder if there will be any gratuitous bare butt shots?

Vicki said...

SR "town" has been infiltrated by bad eggs before. Remember Tommy (Iris' son) who had the brown paper bag of "p-p-poison" drugs? And how he went to prison where THREE guards watched him while he mopped the floor!? And remember how his marijuana smoke drifted up through the air vents into Mary's condo?
Well...maybe he's out on parole now and has hooked up with some new unsavory, heroin-dealing characters! (Who knows, maybe he and Ted Confey are now BFF.)

Edgar: great poem, sir!

Robert said...

duckdg, I think we all wish they would encourage participation by the public of Santa Royale, and have Mary be the go-between to buy the heroin. Mary fighting crime with the same level of meddling she does with her neighbors! "Does your mother know you make your living doing this? Wouldn't she be ashamed to know about it. And think of the children! That's right, come with me and turn yourself in like a responsible and ashamed criminal."

Anonymous said...

I don't know what police Captain Seedy McMoustache keeps in those two enormous breast pockets, but I know for a fact that I don't like it.

Paul Pennington said...

Edgar, that is a very fine poem you have penned. It certainly rivals anything produced by the national poet of Scotland -- Robert Burns. I am going to nominate you for the national poet of Santa Royale. I suggest for your portfolio that you do a poem for each of the past major and minor characters, even those who were unnamed and just appeared in one panel. Four verses should do it. Give each of the unnamed persons a number, maybe an irrational number -- one whose decimal representation does not terminate or repeat. Once you finish, post the poems, and you and I can meet at the National Poet Director's Office. You are a shoe-in. Absolutely outstanding work. A brilliant mind.

Duckdg said...

I was incorrectly thinking of a STING when I imagined undercover heroin buyers. This operation is a SHAKEDOWN, not a sting. So, as much as I would enjoy watching Mary Worth pass herself off as a heroin user... or dealer, I'm afraid that a shakedown, by definition, will go down the way Ted Convey's arrest did, with Mary out of the picture.

I only hope that some poor soul on the hospital staff will have been mixed up in the ordeal so that we can watch Mary openly discuss it in the hallway. "GOOD MORNING, so-in-so, I understand YOUR HEROIN DEALER WAS BUSTED last week. HEROIN is VERY ADDICTIVE, how are you holding up?"

Chester (drunk) said...

Herion(sp), shakedown, officers in blue coats, Officer Redford, Adrian. Send in someone into the doorless FLOOR PLAN area, and we will see what develops.
Funny, for the first time in MW history, I just don't care.

But, I hope that Officer Redford knows how to use Powerpoint

I'd guess we will be in for a surprise. For ol Chester here, I am off to snuff dog butts at Mount View crap hole, er, Hospital