Monday, September 14, 2009

Mary Worth 571

"Oh, Eva, did you see my new engagement ring? Isn't it boss? No, I'm not engaged... yet! But someday I will be, if only Scott makes it through my shift. If they wheel him in tonight with multiple gunshot wounds, I'll have to operate on my own fiance-to-be. I better brush up on my surgery... it's been so long since I've done any hospital-ing."

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Chester (loves Eva) said...

I like Eva the most of all!

She has the brains to take the night off and get as far away from these bozos as humanly possible.

If she decides to be Adrians "maid of honor" at Officer Redfords deathbed, I will, however, have to question her sanity.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Time certainly is strange on this comic. I thought the big drug raid was in a few weeks?

Moy is certainly telegraphing her plot this time.

Diving Off A Cliff said...

I like how Eva is flipping Adrian off as she makes her escape.

Anonymous said...

I like that Adrian is wearing her not-engaged-yet ring; will it resume its radiant glow when she finally says YES? And, did she choose gray nail polish because she had a premonition she might spend time in the morgue tonight? Or was that simply to match the fire extinguisher on the wall?

Anonymous said...

Eva: "Another rushed engagement? Didn't your last fiance turn out to be a bigamist con?"

Adrian: "Life is a gamble, Eva, and this time, my fiance is the law."

Eva: "OK...thanksforcoveringformetonightAdriangoodbye"

I wouldn't expect to see Eva as maid of honor.

Anonymous said...

Look at that shiny ring! What do you think the half-life of that plutonium setting is?