Monday, November 2, 2009

Mary Worth 611

"Finally, her eyes are closed. Now I can sneak out of here before it's too late."

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maconmemad said...

It's ALIVE! It's ALIVE!! but wait isn't it wierd Adrian can't dream in color? It's Alive! It's ALIV... oh who cares.....

Edgar The Bug said...

After watching over Scott for almost two days Adrian appears to have resorted to playing peek-a-boo with Scott's unconscious body.

Imogene said...

Scott seems to be so resigned to his fate as Adrian's caretaker that the only thing that can bring him out of a coma is her breaking down and weeping. The look on his face says it all: "Oh, for heavens' sake...what now? Don't tell me you lost another $50k. Sigh..." I bet right now he'd rather shake down a dozen heavily armed heroin cartels than investigate another bigamist deadbeat dad.

Chester the Dog said...

I'd rather be caught in silly SHAKEDOWN cross fire than wake up with Adrians greasy hair in my face.

Isn't it about time to check in with D's patio furniture?

katyb said...

Thoughts on this "story" line:

If I were Scott, I would tell A to please shut up.

If I were Scott, I would ponder suing Mountview for whiplash, as often as that h-bed has whipped up and down. And for the arm in the sling. And for the disappearing-reappearing IV.
For the unhealing though remarkably mobile stereo, excuse me, hi-fi system. Maybe this is Karen Moy's suggestion for health care reform.

If I were Scott, I would be thought-ballooning "Excuse me, hello, this is about ME!"

And really, if I were Scott,I would curse the heroin shakedown h-town guys for failing to do the job right the first time.

Because, really. Waking up to Adrian?

Then again Scott, you are a moron, too.

Brick said...

So MUCH has changed today; I can hardly wait to see what will happen next! Now that Scott is alive and awake, will Adrian:
a) touch her face and call Dr. Good
b) touch her face and show Scott the ring
c) touch Scott's face and talk to him about her feelings
d) offer Scott some water
e) both b and c

Taryn said...

What is with this 50s cheap paperback romance speak? "Oh my love, dear heart, dearest." Mary Worth: now containing 110% more meddling and crushed up Frito corn chips!

Face Toucher said...

There will be touching. Of face.

Toots McGee said...

I'm sure he needs a glass of water. His tongue is probably like a salmon square about now.

I hope Scott's body is now inhabited by the soul of one of the heroin king pins. To paraphrase J Peterman, now that would be interesting writing.