Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mary Worth 640

Oh, Abby. So headstrong and wild and free, with your fringed jacket and pirate shirt. And your man hands. You were an amazing girl. Just the thought of you makes me look suspiciously over my shoulder.

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pamster said...

Abby. Wild and free! My goodness, if Dawn ever came out of her room dressed that way, he'd lock her up until she was old and gray. Or bald. With a combover.

Ted Confey said...

I think Wilbur's memory has morphed into fantasy. That is clearly a young Mary Worth.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Mary was never young. She sprang out at birth with Barbara Bush-white hair and body type.

No, I think she looks like a young Toby, if Toby had ever had a hippie phase. Though, I doubt if "The Professor" would have married her if she had been a hippie.

Duckdg said...

Abby was the person Delilah could have been... if she had ever removed her headband.

HeavenlyJane said...

Ted is right, Abby does resemble Mary! Perhaps there's a completely other "love child" storyline lurking under here.

Robert said...

I hope we get more memory panels, of carefree, wild Abby and Wilbur with long hair and a guitar.

Captain Peabody said...'s Toby!

I mean, it's Vera! Or, I mean, it's Lynn Griffin! Or, I mean, it's Adrian with a dye job! Or, I mean, it's Delilah without her headband! Or, I mean, it's...Dawn?

Seriously. Joe Giella needs to learn how to draw different female faces. Because this is seriously starting to creep me out here.

AND Karen Moy needs to work on having all her female characters not have the same overly-emotional, needy, and dimwitted, yet totally insane, jerkish, and passive agressive personality...but that's a problem for another day. Alas.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Nathan, I'm wondering if comic illustrators work with stock forms, say, of a woman's face, and then add hair color and style to make each character different? It would certainly make sense.

All of Giella's women have the same face.

Toots McGee said...

I think we need to get "Incense and Peppermint" by the Strawberry Alarm Clock on the jukebox so that this flashback can have the right terribly cliched soundtrack. Or perhaps "Are You Gonna Be There? (at the Love-in)" by the Chocolate Watch Band.

Watch out for thos Alice B. Toklas Salmon Squares! Don't drink the brown potato aide! Did you pass the Shrimp Scampi Test? Tune in, turn on, eat an egg salad sandwich.

This is the way these flashbacks usually go: Abby and young Wilbur meet in college. They're both straight as an arrow types, they make study dates at the library, maybe go out for an ice cream sundae when they really want to "let their hair down". But Abby starts to hang out with some of "those kids", the ones that skip classes and hang out in the park playing tamborines and smoking those "funny cigarettes". Abby starts to grow distant from Wilbur, standing him up on several occasions and he rarely sees her in class anymore. Wilbur finally gets her to agree to see him and he packs a picnic lunch. She shows up, barefoot, smelling of patchoulli, in her broadway cast of Hair get-up. They go to the park and Wilbur starts to lay out the spread, but Abby finally has to come clean:
"Look Wilbur, you're sweet, but we're just not in the same place anymore."
"But what place are you at, Abby? Maybe I can go there too."
"Oh poor Wilbur, if you have to ask, I just don't think you can get there. I see some of my groovy friends over there playing in the trees. I gotta go. You take care of yourself Wilbur."

And Wilbur was left alone to eat all the sandwiches by himself.

Maude Findlay said...

I'm thinking that ''Love Child'' by The Supremes would also fit quite nicely on the jukebox. I'm still eagerly waiting for a panel flashback showing young Wilbur.

Vicki said...

It's Abby's ghost! Kewl!! This would make a GREAT storyline--Wilbur's condo is haunted by Abby's mischievous ghost!
She messes with his computer, turns lights off and on, leaves windows open, locks doors, etc... It drives him insane. Dawn leaves! Finally, Wilbur has to call a priest to do an exorcism.

I love how P.O.'d Wilbur looks, which makes me thinks Toots is "RIGHT ON" with how this all happened.

duckdg said...

But Toots, are you suggesting that Kurt is not Wilbur's son?

Jay said...

Welcome to the Worthiverse:
Where Even Hippies Wear Pearls!

Anonymous said...

In the Worthiverse, despite having a child, Wilbur is still a virgin.

Everyone is still a virgin.

Barbara L. Hanson said...

Abby dressed as I did in the late sixties. When I was twelve, that is.

Robert said...

Kurt's mother Abby didn't actually die, she faked her death, changed her last name to Spencer, and ran off to steal an inheritance and take up with a handsome attorney named Sam with blue-black hair in a different comic strip.