Friday, January 15, 2010

Mary Worth 653

SETTING: A pathway lined with nondescript bushes at Local University. Wilbur, innocently eating an ice cream cone and carrying a fishing pole, enters stage right. His rival, Nasty Rich Kid, enters stage left.

Wilbur: Well, well, well. We meet at last.

Nasty Rich Kid: Indeed. I wondered when our paths might cross.

Wilbur: It has been four long years, my rival. Things might have been different, if you hadn't been so nasty. And rich.

Nasty Rich Kid: And if you hadn't been so charming and affable. Clicking and connecting with Abby. Over and over again. But your goodness and fisherman's ways could only carry you so far into her heart. You never can compete with my nasty money!

Wilbur: We'll see about that, rival!

Nasty Rich Kid: You're already too late. I gave her some of my money and she's left town. You'll never see her again! Bwah hah hah hah!

Wilbur: NOOOooooooo!

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Chester said...

My, what an argument they are having. What could it be about? The paint color on the cabinets? Abbys fishing techniques?

Edgar The Bug said...

Is it just me,or have young Wilbur and Abby turned into feral goblins? After that first panel I expected Wilbur to tell Kurt that he bit off the rich kid's head, scaring Abby into leaving town.

In other news while a bit over-priced those Mary Worth shirts rock. I bought one yesterday.

Toots McGee said...
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Toots McGee said...

Do not make Wilbur's sweater angry. You won't like Wilbur's sweater when it's angry.

Duckdg said...

Giella has carefully placed a bowl of apples in Abby's kitchen. I read you, Joe. If Moy's men are always jealous, it's only because Moy's women are philandering temptresses!

Anonymous said...


I've been reading you for quite a while, but I never think to comment.



Just read this!

And whatever you do, DON'T turn off the lights in the bathroom and look in the mirror and say "Mary Worth" 3 times! Srsly!


Jay said...

1) Wanders, that dialogue was admirably fantastic.

2) Why are they arguing in Mary's kitchen?

Tony said...

Will Wilbur be more happy if Kurt does turn out to be his son, meaning he retains some manner of legacy with Abby? Or if it turns out the nasty rich kid is Kurt's father, meaning the nasty rich kid's victory over Wilbur was complete?

Vicki (just a town girl) said...

I have to give credit where credit is due: Joe Giella has drawn a young Wilbur that is actually quite believable looking! (At least for today, anyway.)

@Edgar the Bug... I'm getting one too! I agree with Robert yesterday that they should offer a shirt with Mary saying "Capiche?" That would be awesome.

Robert said...

Yeah, I want that "Capische?" T-shirt!

Abby's back to being a skimpy-top wearing hippie chick. I think the secret that's going to eventually be revealed is that Abby had an identical twin/cousin named Gabby. Abby wore sexy garb and loved to rock and roll; Gabby prefered lace peter pan collars and easy listening without soul.

Anonymous said...

If we buy MW merch, aren't we encouraging more trite, insipid, banal, Moyish storytelling?

Maybe we should strike a deal where, with every mug we buy, Moy and Giella promise to give us one interesting panel in the strip.

Chester (with a camera) said...


Chester (bored on Sat nite) said...

Ok Wilbur, you loved, fought, fished, when did the, you know.. happen?

djangosmom said...

I have noticed, during this week long fishing trip, that there is no other fishing equipment except the poles in their hands. It would appear that they have no intention of catching anything since they have no basket or net.