Monday, January 25, 2010

Mary Worth 659

Catching up is something you do with a friend you haven't see in a while. Not the illegitimate son you've never met. Also, you're not supposed to connect with him on many levels, or use that phrase in a sentence. Any sentence. Ever. It's just weird.

But I'm glad it was nice. I thought it was nice too. It was a great conversation, and I'm happy that you decided to buy some fish on the way home.

Today's Full Strip


drak said...

One of your best Secret Messages ever.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Aren't most of those fish people catch carried in ice-containers? Or, do people really walk around with fish on hooks?

Oh, and I agree with your point about "connect". And, has ANYBODY checked this guy out before letting him stay indefinitely in the apartment?

Tony said...

Dawn, how about cleaning and cooking these fish that another fisherman gave us?

Toonhead said...

Art is looking unusually cartoony.

duckdg said...

lev-el (noun)
1. a position on a real or imaginary scale
2. a social, moral, or intellectual standard
3. a position in a real or notional hierarchy
4. a height or distance from the ground or another base

I choose #4. Wilbur and Kurt connected on many heights and distances from the water... or pier post?

Vicki (not liking fish) said...

Wanders, you crack me up! You are RIGHT, of course, about Wilbur and Kurt's many "levels" of "connection". (And about Dawn's boiling blouse, the poor dear.)

I see no need for Wilbur to clean that fish--just plop it into Dawn's boiling pot and see what floats to the top. Or cut it into squares and send it down to Mary's place.

Chester (hating fish, too) said...

It seems that Dawn is making dog food for dinner.

Where is Kurt staying, anyway? Is ths a three bedroom condo?

Anonymous said...

Like Moy, Wilbur doesn't have many levels. They are the same on the depth chart.

Anonymous said...

How can a character have many "levels" in a story with none?

And, ok, I don't normally post word verification letter combos, but mine literally says "ballsac" and I have to type it now to get this to post. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

This whole storyline just gives me an uneasy restlessness, not to mention being totally creeped out.

Imogene said...

I think Wilbur got so into being a dad to a boy that he tried to re-enact the opening title scene of "The Andy Griffith" show, where he was Andy, Kurt was Opie, and it was the last time anyone ever saw somebody carrying their catch-o'-the-day home on a line. It doesn't look like it in either panel, but I betcha Wilbur's whistling!

Dawn IS standing dangerously close to that kettle; did Mary teach her to cook?

Miss Emish said...

Where's Wilbur? That man has a passing resemblance to someone. Can't put my finger on it.

Maggie said...

Dawn is sporting a particularly strained expression today... an expression that seems to say, "Hey Dad! It's not like I was hating on you and your great new 'son' during the entire duration of your fishing trip! More canned peas?"

katyb said...

I'm sorry. Old Wilbur is looking a little too "Brokeback Mountain"-ish, wandering into the kitchen with a limp fish, all pretending like he was really "fishing."

He and Kurt, wearing women's shoes, connected on many "levels."

I guess he's explaining the unsettling movements of Kurt and Wilbur forward, backward, left and right, on laps, on the tackle box, etc, etc.

All over the damn pier. And of course, he and Kurt will be going fishing, and connecting on so many levels, again.