Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mary Worth 676

Why does Martin Clark sound familiar? I'll tell you why he sounds familiar:

Clearly, he's a much better writer than Wilbur.

By the way, I've added a new song to the Charterstone Jukebox. See if you can guess why.

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mrvy said...

Of course, the Crystal Gale classic is a nod to Wilbur of the Wonder Bread's changeable eyes!

Do Kurt's eyes change color too? That would be a possible non-invasive paternity test.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Wilbur just gets dumber and dumber in every comic. I can't believe he's being paid to give out advise. Isn't that - supposedly - his job?

Robert said...

Love that Dawn's expression in the first panel is barely contained mirth at Wilbur's version of the end of his relationship with Abby, and she suddenly morphs into a pensive Nancy Drew-esque pose for panel #2.

Vicki said...

Uh oh, Dawn is starting to remember a recent wild & crazy "end-of-semester" party one of her Pop Culture professors threw at his beachfront condo. (She woke up with him the next morning!) Oh dear, what WAS his name? I think it was Clark or something.

Anonymous said...

What I don't get is why Dawn still seems to be so concerned with interloper Kurt's arrival on the scene, as though this "other child" will compete with her for her father's affections. Isn't she in the least bit concerned, or, merciful heavens, ticked that Wilbur is suddenly so gung-ho about mentally reliving the good times of his wild 'n' crazy college days with Abbey? Doesn't she get it that his fantasies about "what might have been" had he not lost Abbey (by inference, to Martin Clark) mean an entirely different narrative arc that (duh!) do not include Dawn's conception?

I know if my dad had gone off on some sort of perverse bender about how maybe everything would have been really great if he'd stuck with that other woman he dated in college, I'd be wondering why he hated me so much.

Maybe Dawn is straining to remember if Martin Clark is the name of the hit man she heard about recently. Watch your back, Wilbur!


Brick said...

I'm with you, wheelhead! Obviously indifferent to her dad's lackluster respect for her mom's presence in his life, shouldn't Dawn at least have some emotional response to her own absence from his preferred course of events?

To appear truly human, Dawn should lash out at this point in the conversation. Something like, "Oh, really, Dad? You'd stop Martin Clark from moving in on your girl? YOU would STOP Abby and Martin? How exactly would you stop them? Beat him up?"

Violet said...

Let me help you out, Dawn. "Martin Clark" sounds familiar because your father's been babbling about him for the past seventy-two hours. There is literally nothing Wilbur ever says that doesn't sound familiar.

Imogene said...

Ahem...Wilbur, what exactly IS it that you know now that you didn't know then? All you really know is that a strange young man is running around the country with a handful of photos of Abby, who he claims is his mother. So, based on this (lack of any real) knowledge, you wish you could erase Dawn and her mother from your life? You really are an idiot, aren't you, Wilbur?

Too bad you didn't have those burly forearms and hammy fists back in the day; you could have really given Martin Clark heck!

maconmemad said...

No way Wilbur could be making a living as an advice man. He is in some serious need of advice himself. So that brings it around to what is really bugging Dawn. Wilbur must be living off some kind of trust fund or insurance settlement. Dawn can see that Kurt is working a confidence game to get into the will. That is what has her smoked.