Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mary Worth 679

I just don't know where to begin... I've been pondering today's strip as we unburied ourselves from last night's blizzard. I shoveled our driveway and our three neighbors' driveways, but I just don't know where to start...
  • Shall I comment on Dawn's lazy eye that just won't focus on her computer screen in either panel?
  • Or Tate College, which I haven't heard mentioned since Harold Lloyd's 1920's silent classic The Freshman (which I loved when I was in high school, by the way)?
  • Or the odd design of Dawn's computer - is it a laptop? If so, how does it close?
  • Or Wilbur's most excellent portrait, and why doesn't Dawn have a photo of Wilbur with her dead mother instead?
  • Or the lack of lumbar support from Dawn's desk chair?
  • Or should I focus on where this story might be headed instead? Will Dawn find Martin Clark and claim to be his daughter?
  • And how does a nasty rich kid from Florida survive the harsh Boston winters?
  • Has anyone stayed at a Clarkville Resort in Florida? Are they nice? Do they have HBO?
So why can't I figure out how to start this post? Is it because there are too many things to discuss, or is it that there's nothing worth discussing?


phoebes in santa fe said...

The only place I know where to begin is to say I don't think there are too many "fishing holes with piers" in the Boston area. I mean, you can fish off the Cape, but would the coast north of Boston be amenable to fishing from a pier?

I don't think there are any "fishing holes" in downtown Boston, unless they mean that small lake that I think is in the Boston Commons near the Four Seasons hotel. (It could be in the park area near the Commons..)

And no fishing holes in Cambridge, unless you can fish in the Charles River.

So, not much fishing in Boston...

Imogene said...

I thought "townies" were girls living in smallish cities or townships where the college/university is a large portion of the population 3/4 of the year, and a significant I to believe that any young woman living in Boston who isn't pursuing a degree is a "town girl"?!?!?" (You may not wish to date one, but you could probably ask where to get the best cannoli.)

Now I have to go look up Tate. Darn you, MW, and Moy, for forcing unnecessary research on me!

Oh, Phoebes, fishing in the Charles is probably how Abby reeled in Rival (whilst he was rowing.)

Nathan said...

I'm mostly just shocked that anyone would ever stay at a resort named "Clarkville."

Truly, Mary Worth teaches us something new every day...

Chester (packing his bags) said...

We are off to Clarkville Resort in Florida!!! Pack uo your smallish horses and grey teddy bear, Dawn, you are going on a trip. Hopefully the resort has frilly bedspreads, just the way you like them. Oh, but, you have no job and no money. how will you get there? Could Mary want a little get away, too? I hear that Clarkville Resort in Florida makes the best salomn squares.

Chester (too much into this story) said...

Wanders, first off, Dawns computer runs the old DOS system, hence, the need for the 200 keys. Laptops in Santa Royale are a bit clunky.

Second off, well, there is none, cause we are off to FLORIDA!

Anonymous said...

"Clarkville". How much ya wanna bet Karen Moy was watching "Smallville" starring Clark Kent when she came up with that stunner?


Anonymous said...

new jukebox selection suggestion - "last train to clarkville" the monkees :)

Anonymous said...

I like the picture of wilbur, but....question.....why does she need one when he's always parked in the next room on the internet, eating sandwiches or both? Other than fishing trips and pool parties that is.

Anonymous said...

I admit I have not been paying attention to MW nearly as long as necessary to learn all the characters--only a little over two years (!). But Dawn's mother is DEAD? Who, then, is Iris? Back when this story started, at another pool party I think, MW asked Wilbur how "Iris" was and Wilbur said she was out of town helping her "elderly aunt" who had had a fall. I assumed Iris was Wilbur's wife and Dawn was their child.

Anybody care to fill me in on who is really who here?