Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mary Worth 695

Knowledge is very dangerous in the wrong hands. And Dawn knows a lot of dangerous stuff. She knows that Kurt is somebody else's baby. She also knows: Pie is yummy. Kitties are cute. Horse's can be smallish.

Now if anyone knows why Wilbur and Kurt suddenly got so dressed up, please tell me. Unless it will destroy our relationship.

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katyb said...

I think Dawn lives outside of Mary Worth. Why else would she say she doesn't want to disrupt Wilbur's "time" with Kurt. She must know that time is coming to an end. An excruciatingly dull end.

Unless Wilbur and Kurt elope.

Love your blog, Wanders. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

ok this is the wierdiest storyline? Now Kurt just disappears? I don't get it.

heydave said...

They didn't just get dressed up... they got DRESSED!

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea. Why not the writers of MARY WORTH stop delaying the inevitable and have Dawn stop dating boys? My gaydar has been blaring on her ever since she debuted!