Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mary Worth 701

If suspecting what the results would be was reason for leaving, we all would have taken off weeks ago!

Today's Full Strip


Barbara Hanson said...

Is that what they mean by talking books?

Tony said...

I keep waiting for something dramatic to happen here, like another appearance by Mary. This can't possibly be the end of the current saga. Can it?

Vicki said...

The most exciting thing today is the appearance of a cuff on Wilbur's previously short-sleeve polo shirt.

Anonymous said...

There is no end to the current saga. Abandon all hope ye who follow Worth.

Brick said...

Dad feels sad
Very, very sad
He had a bad test
What a test Dad had

Kurt had fun
Lotsa, lotsa fun
He had a good dad
But it was not his real one

Scott said...

The Ballad Of Orphan Kurt

Once upon a time, near a
place called Charterstone,
Kurt tried to find a special Dad
that he could call his own.

Upon the stoop of Wilbur
the young lad did soon alight,
The porcine father figure
who would make his whole life right!

And soon the two men bonded
over dreams of family,
But something was amiss
as Wilbur's daughter, Dawn, could see.

And so, computer-saavy,
the young lass began to pry,
And what she found could even cause
the coldest heart to cry.

From gin-soaked, rich hag Helen,
Dawn received the mournful news--
Kurt had another father and,
would you please pass the booze?

Dawn insisted that her father
get a test paternity,
A wise demand that caused young Kurt
to pack his things and flee.

And now the Westons stand about,
confused, as readers gripe:
"Get moving, Moy, this story's done -
move on to other tripe!"