Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mary Worth 704

Abby, oh, Abby. No wonder Wilbur loved her in a way no ham and Wonder bread sandwich ever could. After all, she was a free spirit. And restless. And proud. And pregnant with his rival's child. It's a good thing he has so many copies of the Beatles' White Album to wash away his tears, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.

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Robert said...

Wonder Bread and mayonnaise sandwiches have clearly driven the Weston household insane. I'd be dying for a (gasp!) salmon square by now if I lived with them.

And why didn't Mary pipe in and tell Kurt to force his way into the Clark Florida compound and threaten a lawsuit, since, after all, he's related by blood and should have part of Martin's estate? If you can't have a father's love, at leas you can have his money!

pandagrandma said...

Well, there's certainly no mistaking that Dawn is her father's daughter -- she's inherited Wilbur's male pattern baldness. After all, it's in the genetic predisposition....

phoebes in santa fe said...

You know, I've been waiting for someone, anyone, to bring up the obvious, that whether Abby wanted to or not, she should have received child support from the villainous Clark family.

I really think a lawyer should have been brought into the strip by now, to advise Kurt on his rights. But, no, Moy doesn't have Kurt's - or our - best interests at heart. A competent lawyer would have cleaned this mess up by now and we'd be on to some other halfwitted storyline.

hekatesgal said...

Moy could do an awesome message strip about using two forms of birth control with this strip. The only redeeming thing that can come out of this is Mary explaining condoms.

lovesmary said...

I didn't recognize Dawn's male pattern baldness for what it was at first. I thought Dawn had donned (ha ha) a clown headpiece from her local costume shop.

Anonymous said...

I really loved her...unlike that hag of mother of yours whom I married only for her ham sandwich recipe.

Toots McGee said...

White Albums? I thought that was a rack of sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

hekatesgal said...
The only redeeming thing that can come out of this is Mary explaining condoms.

"Now, Dawn, I'm sure you're wondering what I'm doing with all these bananas..."

Brick said...

There you go, Wilbur.
It wasn't your fault that the girl you loved felt forced to leave town. How could it be your fault? You were impotent... irrelevant... and oblivious.

Now doesn't that make you feel better?

Taryn said...

As crazy as it sounds, would they PLEASE bring Meddling Mary back into the picture, pronto? I can't take this boredom anymore or looking at Wilbur Weston's homely, smarmy face.

I miss the days of reading Comics Curmudgeon when there was material to mock, such as the bumboat and salmon squares. I literally laughed so hard I wound up with a horrific cough and couldn't breathe. I miss those days.

Anonymous said...

If only Abby had come to me she may not have left and you, dear Dawn, would not be here and we would not be having this boring, never ending conversation.

Maude Findlay said...

OK, for this one, you have to picture Dawn in a fringed miniskirt, (I'm sure Abby had some groovy ones, back in the day!)and Wilbur doing the really deep ''ROLLIN'' during the chorus-

Left a good man, back in college
Just because I got knocked up, by a cad
Though we had no money, I raised my little honey
He turned out restless, uneasy and looked for his dad

Big Kurt, keep on yearnin'(YEARNIN')
Proud Abby, keep on burnin'{BURNIN')
And we're loadin', loadin', loadin' on the mayo!

Cleaned a lot of plates with Wilbur,
Ate a lot of Po' Boys down in New Orleans,
But I never had a salmon square proper,
Till I tried the ones from the Bum Boat Queen!

Don't you know that Kurt just keeps on yearnin' (YEARNIN')
Proud Abby keeps on burnin' (BURNIN')
And we're loadin', loadin', loadin' on the mayo!

If you come down to the pool party,
bet you're gonna find some people who live
You don't have to worry, if you ain't got no mayo,
Just knock on her door, Mary's happy to give!

Don't you know that Kurt just keeps on yearnin' (YEARNIN')
Proud Abby keeps on burnin' (BURNIN')
And we're loadin', loadin', loadin' on the mayo!

duckdg said...

Bravo, Maude!
It's about time this story was furnished with some level of credence.

tufenug said...

I take back every hateful comment I have written or though about: Aldo, Toby, Ian, Scott, Jeff, Delilah, and...even... ...Adrian. PLEASE, PLEASE, make Wilbur and Dawn go away and bring those colorful characters back!

tuffenuf said...

...that would be, "tufenuf" This story has me so rattled that I can't even spell my own name!

Maude Findlay said...

You know the very first mention of Wilbur having a Facebook was back in NOVEMBER, right after Thanksgiving. Next week is St. Patrick's Day, for those keeping score. If this keeps up, I can write an entire rock opera! Possible titles-


The Rise and Fall of Helen Martin and The Spider From Mars

Abby (Instead of ''Tommy'' of course!)

Brick said...

Karen Moy: "My predecessor sometimes wrote stories that lasted 18 months apiece. But that's too long in today's world. The pacing was too glacial. I try for three stories per year. They vary in length somewhat, but that's the number I work towards. There are times I wish I could continue with a story. As a writer you tend to fall in love with your characters. But I generally aim for three stories per year."

There you have it.

Vicki said...

Three stories a year, huh? Well, to quote Wilbur, that is "something I wasn't aware of".

@ Maude: good job!!

@tuffenuf: actually, I think "tufenug" is kind of a cool name, too! :-D

pandagrandma said...

Reading the posts to Wilbur Weston's wall on Facebook has become much more interesting than reading the daily strip. Wilbur has 925 fans now, ya know!

tuffenuf said...

I'm a fan! (...for some reason)