Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mary Worth 734

Mary is so smug, so judgmental, and yet, Toby, who knows a little bit about exceeding her limits, is truly disappointed. Just wait until these two nosy busybodies dig up Bonnie's credit rating using that web site Terry Bryson told them about. You won't be so lackadaisical then, will you Toby.

Let's have a second cup. Don't worry, it's Sanka.

And a HUGE thank you to Scott for our new header!

Today's Full Strip


Brick said...

Mary's figure has a rather chameleonic quality to it, don't you think?
How kind of her, really, to coordinate with whomever she's spending time. Bonnie might not have been as comfortable shopping with the slender Mary as she must have been shopping with the Mary who was closer to her own size.
And today, Toby wouldn't have been as comfortable pretentiously gossiping with the frumpy Mary as she might be with the more svelte and flawless companion.
Is there no limit to Mary's kindness?

Robert said...

The header looks great. Good job, Scott! I love that Napkin makes a prominent appearance!

Mary must have run out of High Point coffee when Toby stopped by for their daily gossip session.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Love the new header. Particularly with the attached-napkin. I think that should be the new "face of Mary".

Delilah Jonis said...

About your new header... GASP!!!
What if children see it? They'd be scarred forever!

Chester the Dog said...

Toby has the shakes from consuming too much coffee.

Vicki said...

Given a choice, who would YOU rather spend an afternoon with--snooty Mary, or down-to-earth Bonnie who loves to SHOP? (I know one thing--I sure wouldn't drink Mary's coffee! Looks like Toby is having to fish a hair out of her cup!)

Love the header, too! The clown face, the napkin, those manacing garden shears--just...awesome!!

Maude Findlay said...

Heck I'd love to spend an afternoon shopping with Bonnie! Just thinking about all the weight I'd lose, and the instant facelift makes my credit card finger itchy! The new header is great! Doesn't it give you a high, having something new?

Anonymous said...

Is that all? IS THAT ALL???? She likes to SHOP MORE THAN YOU DO??? I come here expecting some juicy gossip and that's the best you can do? Pullleeezzeee!!!! I don't even want to talk to you until you've got something worth talking about.

Anonymous said...

Toby's wavy hand gesture makes me a little nervous today and I don't know why.

Is she mesmerizing Mary?

Casting a counter-spell?

Has the hand developed a mind of its own, and is trying to make a break for it?

Or is Toby still not used to the replacement hand she got after the "Great Kitchen Floor Tiling Accident"?

Creepiness any which way.

Maggie said...

hahaha! I didn't even see the napkin in the header until I read about it in the comments. Nice touch! I knew the recent flood of Mary craziness would be put to good use. Kudos, Scott!