Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mary Worth 747

And I know a fashion counselor whom Bonnie and Ernie can talk to. Er... with whom they may speak.

If you're like me, you thought of one person when you heard the word "counselor." Terry Bryson. Ensign Terry Bryson. It's funny how time dulls the senses. When the image of Terry Bryson popped into my brain, I was actually kind of excited. I had to pause and think, wait, Terry Bryson was without a doubt, the most painfully pedantic character ever to cross the threshold of the Charterstone Condominium Complex.

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birdie said...

I think the fashion counselor might be the more urgent call. Anyone who would have trouble parting with that shirt in the foreground needs serious help.

Amber said...

Does anyone know a plastic surgery counselor? Mary's left eye is starting to slide down her face.

Miss Emish said...

Does anyone know a linguistic counselor? Mary and B?BJ? need to learn some more natural styles of elocution.

Brick said...

I know of a stylish woman whom Bonnie can give that green botanical shirt to.

Vicki said...

Why is Mary holding that price tag in her hand? Is she planning to BUY the jacket from Bonnie? Or is she just being a snoop?

I think Bonnie doesn't look too thrilled at the prospect of a visit from Ensign Terry Bryson!

trixietrudy said...

I'll suggest that to my husband when I "call" him ... bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Has B?BJ? suddenly turned to the dark side? Her sideways glance says it all.

duckdg said...

It's true! Mary sees something on that price tag... something incriminating. Bonnie, keeping her voice calm, reaches into that pink box for her weapon.

Jay said...

Is your "stylish woman" also a huge pothead? Because that shirt would be perfect. (Yeah, I know it's the wrong number of leaves, but if you smoke enough you'd neither notice nor care.)

djangosmom said...

Ring my friend I said you`d call Dr. Robert,
Day or night he`ll be there anytime at all Dr. Robert.

Dr. Robert, your a new and better man,
He helps you to understand,
He does everything he can, Dr. Robert.

If your down he`ll pick you up Dr. Robert,
Take a drink from his special cup Dr. Robert

Dr. Robert, he`s a man you must believe,
Helping everyone in need,
No one can succeed like Dr. Robert

Well, well, well your feeling fine,
Well, well, well, he`ll make you Dr. Robert

My friend works for the national health Dr. Robert,
Don`t take money to see yourself with Dr. Robert

Dr. Robert, your a new and better man,
He helps you to understand,
He does everything he can Dr. Robert

Well, well, well, your feeling fine,
Well, well, well, he`ll make you Dr. Robert

Ring my friend I said you`d call Dr. Robert (2x)
Dr. Robert!

Dr. Chester Roberts said...

I wish Mary had said:

"There's someone at Mountview I think you should talk to, Bonnie. His name is Hospital HiFi."

Robert said...

Vicki, Mary's looking at the price tag of that green blouse and thinking, "Damn, she paid THIS MUCH for this monstrosity? She might be beyond Ensign Bryson's help."

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Moy. Who cares?

Vicki said...

@ Robert: Ah, that explains why now Bonnie? suddenly needs to talk to the "nice" doctor, Dr. Roberts. (Unless Dr. Roberts is also the "credit counselor", one and the same).

But we musn't confuse Dr. Roberts, who is a good man, with Dr. Good, who is also a "nice" man and who works at Mountview.

I once went to a dermatologist named "Dr. Roberts". He didn't have a nice personality, though. He was rather arrogant, in fact. I hope it's not the same guy!

Brick said...

Bonnie has decided to go see Dr. Roberts at the hospital, but that's not why she's glowing. She's glowing because she just realized that...

... she'll need something to wear, of course!

Anonymous said...

Well, on the plus side, this story is still going. So we have that to be thankful for!

It started around March 22nd, and each story is about three months long. Sadly, only 38 more strips to go.

38 more strips about boxes. 38 more strips about need ... and want. And wanting to need, and needing to want, but not wanting to want to need. Or to needlessly need wants.

38 more strips about doing your bills and balancing your checkbook. 38 more strips about Marcy's lenient yet fascinating return policies.

duckdg said...

Three of Bonnie's bad habits:
1. shopping
2. nose picking
3. transgendering

Vicki said...

@duckduckg : You said it! Bonnie? looks like a man in drag today! A nose-picking man at that. Gross.