Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mary Worth 758

For Better or For Worse? That makes me want to buy books! I just hope they have something for me.

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Imogene said...

This is, at a minimum, the second time that Moy has had Ernie and/or Bonnie say the "we married for better or for worse" line since this story started. Looking back, I believe Toby Cameron has stated more than once that marriage is a lot of work, and then we had Delilah running away from her marriage until she decided to just give up, go home, get pregnant. Is it possible that Karen Moy has a rather dark and pessimistic view of marriage? Is good ole perverted-artworks-Charley the character she most identifies with?

On the other hand, being separated from Bonnie has certainly made Ernie look younger and handsomer.

Maude Findlay said...

I wonder if newly handsome Ernie will come home to slim, pretty Bonnie- or heavy-set, matronly yet manly Bonnie?

Anonymous said...

...or to man-in-drag Bonnie?

Imogene said...

Well, Maude, I guess which Bonnie Ernie comes home to depends on if he comes home on a Sunday or not. Personally, I'm placing my bet on matronly-yet-manly.
It'd be kind of exciting, though, if in the make-Bonnie-over project, Mary got Bonnie to adopt Mary's own unique and difficult hairstyle. Also, perhaps she can teach Bonnie to be an excellent chef.

Syndi said...

The photo on the end table supports your "second family" theory quite nicely.

tuffenuf said...


What is it about Bonnie? Bonnie Johnson? that always attracts Mary's hands into a choke hold?

I just don't get it.

Has Mary ever laid hands on the slim B?BJ? or just the portly one?

Vicki said...

@tuffenuff: I too have noticed the frequent choke holds! Has Mary EVER been this touchy-feely with anyone else? I don't think Dr. Jeff Corey even gets this much attention.

Maybe Mary has a girl-
crush on Bonnie, or perhaps Bonnie? just reminds her so much of her dearly departed husband, Jack, may he rest in peace.
Goodness, tho, that is one CHEESY grin Mary has on her face in panel two today!

duckdg said...

He came home despite ribbons!
He came home despite tags!
He came home despite packages, boxes, and bags!
She puzzled and puzzled till her puzzler was sore. Then Bonnie thought of something she hadn't before! Maybe joy, she thought, doesn't come from a store. Maybe joy... perhaps... means a little bit more.

And what happened then? Well, in Charterstone they say that Bonnie's pliant frame grew three sizes that day!

Robert said...

Thursday's strip takes place at the hospital! Is it too much to hope for that Hospital Hi-Fi will make a cameo appearance in the next day or two?

Chester (at Mountview, too) said...

Dr Roberts helped Bonnie? in one session?

He must be good. What did he do, hit her over the head with an iron skillet?

I have good news about Ernie, too. He went away to have a face lift.

Bonnie?: "I like visiting Mary and her candystriping friends at Mountview. It makes me feel good...makes me want to do something shopping..."

BANG! Dr. Roberts swings the iron skillet again.

Vicki said...

@Robert : Since Bonnie? has to report to Dr. Roberts in the hospital proper, rather than a doctor's building, I suspect she IS being hooked up to hospital hi-fi as a cure for her addictions! What other explanation could there be? Wish we could see this wonderful breakthrough treatment, but I doubt we'll be allowed to. Privacy laws and all.

Maude Findlay said...

Duckdj, that was brilliant! I can almost envision all the Charterstone residents standing in a circle, joining hands and singing ''Ra hoo, dooray, Da hoo Dooray, come back Ernie, all is well!''

trixietrudy said...

@Imogene and others: Surely Dr. Roberts is a plastic surgeon AND a psychiatrist, because Bonnie not only feels better, she got younger and prettier in just one panel today. And it's only Thursday! By Sunday she will be a candidate for the new reality show, "So You Think You Can Model at 52."

Chester Shakespeare said...

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