Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mary Worth 767

Today Mary Worth offers a quote largely attributed to Bill Russell, one of the greatest NBA stars of all time! How awesomely obscure. She's clearly struck a nerve with Doctor Roberts, but I'm mostly concerned about the bodies hanging on the hospital wall.

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Imogene said...

Well, of course Mary Worth would quote an NBA player to Dr. Roberts: look at him, his head almost touches the ceiling! And I bet he spends a lot of time thinking about pithy things basketball players have said, and each phrase he thinks of, he sees in quotation marks.

I have to sympathize with poor Dr. Roberts, though, on one (two, maybe three) count(s), actually. He has spent several weeks counseling bonny Bonnie?Bonnie, and yet he still believes she and Ernie, just because they hugged in a hospital corridor, are truly fortunate people. Perhaps he has banged his head on ceilings and doorjambs too many times.

katyb said...

I find it interesting that Mary (quite often) regurgitates very specific platitudes with the preface "I heard somewhere."
It's like she's repeating some bit of random second-hand news, not something that's supposed to make a deep impression.