Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mary Worth 777

Doctor Drew Corey M.D.???? I thought for sure it was going to be Doctor Mike Roberts, L.P.

But I understand why Mary Would set Jenna up with Drew, rather than Doctor Mike Roberts. Could you imagine Jenna's first date with Doctor Roberts?
Doctor Roberts: How are YOU?
Jenna Thomas: I haven't yet found love.
Doctor Roberts: Well, love isn't meant for everyone.
Jenna Thomas: I feel the same.
Doctor Roberts: You know who I hate?
Jenna Thomas: Bonnie? Bonnie Johnson?
Doctor Roberts: And Mary Worth.

At least Drew would be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

"I know someone I'd like you to meet. He has blue hair and blue eyes and a blue jacket and drives a blue car and his favorite food is blueberries."

Imogene said...

Oh, it's a smoke image! I was wondering why there was a portrait of Drew Corey in a scalloped white frame inexplicably hanging in the laurel hedge.

Ted Confey said...

It's impolite to point, Mary. Unless you're trying to pop that weird bubble with the guy in it, then I guess it's ok.

katyb said...

You all have it wrong. You are trying to ID Dr. Roberts by hair color and part position. Dr. Roberts isn't any of those things. He's the checked tie. All that other stuff is just decoration.