Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mary Worth: February 28, 1949

Click on image for full size scan:
Aha! It was a slide rule. How awesome is that? Joolz, TeacherPatti, and Diving off a Cliff are all eligible to recommend Charterstone Jukebox songs just for participating in our Not-A-Real-Contest contest. Remember, the condo board must approve all suggestions.

This may be the last old time strip for a few days. At this point in the collection that Phoebe of Santa Fe sent me, there is a two month break in continuity. I'll scan the next set after my in-laws head home. Sorry to leave it on such a cliff hanger! Will Donn use the slide rule for some brilliant scheme to screw up the blue print's for TNT's construction project and save Sonora Canyon? We may never know!


TeacherPatti said...

Sweet! Thanx! I can't get the juke box to "pop out", so I apologize if this is already on there:
"The First Hello, The Last Goodbye" by Roger Whittaker. I'd like to dedicate it to Dr. Mike and Jenna because surely, they have said their last goodbyes as their relationship will undoubtedly last for all eternity.
I'd also like to dedicate it to my dad...back in the late 70s, there was this super cheesy K-Tel Roger Whittaker's "Greatest Hits" TV commercial that would come on and he and I spent hours imitating it and making fun of the K-Tel stuff.
Thanx again :)

Karen said...

...A two month break? Why!? If only it were the New Mary Worth. That would bring us right up to the point where, after several minutes of pondering, Dr. Mike Roberts works up the courage to think about emailing Jenna Thomas. Since it's Old Mary Worth, we're going to miss the entire Randian love triangle story between Nancy, T.N.T, and Margo.

Wanders said...

@TeacherPatti: I couldn't find the first hello on so I grabbed The Last Farewell. Totally different meaning, but the title was as close as I could get. The Condo board had no hesitation approving any Roger Whittaker song.


Joolz said...

Wow, this is an honor. I suggest, in honor of Charterstone pool parties past, present, and future, Slim Whitman's Stranger on the Shore.

Wanders said...

@Joolz: I couldn't find Slim Whitman's version of Strangers on the Shore on, so I added his Red Sails in the Sunset. However, we have another version Strangers on the Shore on the jukebox from the days when Wilbur and his non-illegitimate son spent their time fishing from the pier. I'd love to hear the Whitman version you recommended.

Joolz said...

Thank you! I confess that I was hoping for ANY Slim Whitman song at all and randomly chose that one after finding it on YouTube. My subconscious must still be thinking about Wilbur and his son-like friend.

TeacherPatti said...

Wanders, thanks! Like Joolz, I was hoping for any Roger Whittaker song. I would hope that, if he decides to tour or something, that the Condo Board will organize a group outing to go and see him. In my mind, I see Mary in the front row, throwing her bra at him. My mind is a twisted, rotted place to be obviously :)
Thanks again!! This is too cool :)