Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mary Worth 791

You know what? I'm a hopeless romantic. I am the first to admit that the moment I saw the future Mrs. Wanders, it was love at first sight. And we were instant soul mates. But even then, it took a few dates before we got all obvious about it. I mean, Mike and Jenna are coming across as unseemly and undignified. But then, I'm in my forties and perhaps I just don't understand how desperate young single adults are these days. Maybe in this modern, fast paced world they need to throw themselves at each other. But at least they've learned to express their emotions and are clearly willing to make commitments.

Today's Full Strip


katyb said...

How did they get from pier-side to country-side? Why do they keep glowing yellow?

What strange mating dance is this, jumping from location to location, speaking in dreadfully dull declarative sentences and shifting skin color back and forth?

More important, why, why, why am I asking these questions?

Happy Fourth!

Diving Off A Cliff said...

who goes to fireworks in suit jackets and hats, for crying out loud??

Vicki said...

Ok, I'm going to say it--I think Jenna was BEGGING for a kiss in that one panel and Dr. Mike either missed his cue, or deliberately ignored it! She's been hanging on his arm and being all clingy throughout the entire date. Dr. Mike ain't feeling the mojo yet!

And Diving Off A Cliff, I agree! WHO dresses up like that for fireworks!!? Nobody in my town, that's for sure!