Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mary Worth 796

Do you know what I think this platitude means? I believe it means this story is over.

I think the point of this story was that even though couples like the Johnsons have to struggle everyday to keep some spark of trust in their relationship, even though they need the intervention of professionals just to keep their resentments and despair from overwhelming them, there are other couples who kiss in the moonlight. On the first date. And who eventually will become as miserable as the Johnsons. But the irony is so worth it.

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Paul Pennington said...

Wow, what a quote about falling in love. Shame that Mary didn't cite the source. Do any of you know who is credited with having said it -- Boy George, Anna Chapman, Igor Stravinsky, Pink Floyd, Lindsey Lohan, Rosie O'Donnel? I mean, this is really good stuff. Work of a genius.

Joolz said...

Well, well! Mary's hair is actually bone straight, at least after an evening of brushing it and thinking about love. I hope we can see how she creates her impeccable French twist tomorrow morning.

TeacherPatti said...

I really hate when society frowns upon women and aging. You know, how a man is "distinguished" when he goes grey, but a woman just looks "old". And how women are supposed to dye their hair, go under the knife and such to fend off the inevitable aging process. Yeah, I hate that.
Having said that, I about crapped my pants when I clicked on the blog link this morning and saw Mary's big face there, front and center, all ghoul-like.
At first, I was ashamed of myself, but then I decided to blame the illustrator (whose name always escapes me) and I feel better now.

Tony said...

It seems, from a Google search, that the source of the quote is the well-known writer, A. Nonymous.

If this is indeed the end of this story line, can we look forward tomorrow to a "Meanwhile..." ?

Jay said...

This whole Mary/hair experience is creeping me out to no end.

And I can't believe no one died/was mauled/had terrible allergies. Someone tell Karen that a plot line is supposed to involve conflict.

Maude Findlay said...

If this really is the end of this storyline, it would mean that MW has been moving along at breakneck speed, compared to past storylines. Seriously, not one, but TWO stories complete, in less than four months? Isn't that a record for this strip?

trixietrudy said...

I think Mary's quote is a harbinger of...wait for it...a plot twist like we've never seen before in MW.
And I am TOTALLY freaked out by Mary's hair. Hey, maybe she should wear it down once in a while to disguise herself. Think of how much more meddling she could do incognito!

djangosmom said...

Has anyone noticed that Mary's hair seem much longer on her reflection in the mirror than it does hanging down her back?

Vicki's hair said...

Egads, Mary's color is AWFUL! I hope Dr. Jeff Corey is keeping a close eye on her.

I too am creeped out by Mary's bone straight long hair! The short-cropped, white wig she wears every day is apparently of good quality! She prolly purchased it from Santa Royale's upscale salon--House of Beautee. I never would have guessed it's a wig! This is the same salon that sells upscale headbands and scrunchies, too!

Anonymous said...

When Mary takes out her contacts...her eyes are pink.

Chester the Dog said...

I want my money back.

What did this story tell us?

a) Marcys is a nice store, with an open return policy.

b) Always hoard neatly

c) Seagulls clean your hair of lice and bugs

d) Always buy a mirroe that makes your grey hair look longer

e) Marmaduke is more entertaining


f) Any combination of words can be a trite cliche

Chester is off to an acting audition tomorrow, Pygmallion, here in NYC. I hope any role I get is more juicy than this drivel

katyb said...

Why does Mary, in her thought balloons, never remember the source of the deep wise quotations she is thought-balloooning?
Oh, I guess Mary is the source.
Regurgitation all around!