Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mary Worth 839

"...Now I know what I have to do. I must follow in my father's footsteps and become a vigilante. I swear on my father's grave to find Richie's killer - the man who robbed my father of all happiness. It's a good thing I don't have a family to support."

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Shmoopie said...

Disregarding Mary's vanished pearls, I thought today's strip was about Dr. Mikey trying out various hand gestures that might possibly look natural. Then I realized that it's couples' day at Mary Worth General.

Punky said...

Perhaps it's a combination of themes, Shmoopie. Which couple with matching hair color are the pearl thieves? Mary Worth suddenly got interesting.

Imogene said...

Is "I had to lay him to rest" Mary Worthworld code for "I had to kill him?" And, is it remorse that is causing Mike to keep punching himself in the chin?

I just had a brilliant idea: perhaps the police could find Richie's killer! Mike, don't go down the vigilante path like your dad did! Call Ace Detective Scott Hewett and go on to live a happy, family-centered life!

Vicki said...

"I know what I have to do..."

-- write a check to the funeral home?

--return Mary's pearls?

Can you give us a hint, Mikey?

duckdg said...

I know what he has to do! He has to call what's-her-name, firework girl. And I sincerely hope, for her sake, that he adopts a more enthusiastic demeanor about the whole thing before he picks up the phone.

Chester (ready for a pool party) said...

"I know what I have to do..."

Enroll Jenna in the wine of the month club, as a way to make it all up to her? Flowers are so passe.

I smell a pool party coming on (or is that the two year old salmon squares defrosting on Marys counter top)?

John said...

Care & compassion on parade...

"I finally came to terms with my father! Oh, and did I mention he died?"

"I'm sorry about the timing. You'd think the old sot could have hung on a while longer so you could enjoy your new relationship."

"In a way, his passing is a blessing -- 'cause now I don't have to deal with his booze breath and bad debts. Alkies are a real buzzkill, y'know?"