Monday, October 18, 2010

Mary Worth 874

You know, I've been giving it some thought... Maybe Karen Moy isn't patterning Jill Black after me. I mean, there are a lot of differences. For one thing, I don't have long, flowing blond hair. I'm quite bald. Second, I really don't have much wedding planning experience. I've only planned one wedding, and I really didn't do that much, and didn't particularly enjoy the experience. And third, I never say "Ha Ha Ha Ha" when I laugh derisively at a friend in a wedding dress. I'm more of a "Hee Hee Hee" kind of guy.

I can only assume, therefore, that Karen Moy really loves this blog. As apparently so do many of you! I had no intention of soliciting so much praise and adoration in yesterday's comments, but I have to admit, it felt really good. Unless all of you were just toying with me and secretly laughing behind my back. Like this: Ha Ha Ha Ha!


Ted Confey said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha! What a silly post! You don't want to sound like you're writing in a dial-up bulletin board do you?

birdie said...

The laughter seems to have depoofed Adrian's ridiculous veil. It looks much better this way.

I love Mary's look in the first panel. Jill is in for it. Ha ha ha ha!

Wanders, I'm glad you're going to stick around and see this through with us. Unlike Jill, you're a talented If you just said "Ha ha ha, that's stupid!" every day, not many of us would check in.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Glad to see you're back in the groove, Wanders. Karen Moy wasn't after YOU, she was after me, because my real name is "Jill". She named the character after me because she was really sick about all my demeaning comments about her comic-writing abilities, and her lack of worldliness, etc. I should stop reading her strip til "Jill Black" is run out of Santa Royale on a rail.

See, it's about me, not you! Feel better?

Punky said...

Why was Jill standing up on Sunday? Was she doing her special "ha ha ha ha" dance? Today she's back on the couch, still laughing. Guess she had to sit down from all the excitement. Can't wait to see what soothing words of "advice" Mary has for Jill. You know, I was so down on this storyline when it started, and now I see its dramatic and comic possibilities. And phew, so glad you aren't jumping ship, Wanders.

Miss Emish said...
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Brick said...

Silly is not the look Adrian was going for. All this time, with the used tissues and the pink cupcakes, the man with the thin mustache, the pet name Queenie, silly is NOT what she was going for. Who knew? Anyway, I don't think she looks at all silly in that dress. With pearls, she should look quite sophisticated.

I'm glad you've decided to stick it out, Wanders. I love this silly, old-fashioned strip from another era.

Miss Emish said...

hurrah hurrah!
Actually, Jill, quite a few brides wish to look like they're from another era. It's called "classic," or with a bit of spunkier vibe, sometimes "retro." Now, I don't have wedding planning experience, so I might be wrong, but I believe it's actually quite popular.
I'm so excited to see what Jill has in mind! Will it have ruffles? a fish tail? a train??
(also a quick google search for "modern wedding gown" reveals some interesting finds. Several look JUST like Adrian's dress, Jill....)

Toots McGee said...

I think it's time for this strip to break into song (like the Singing Detective or Cop Rock):

I'm Old Fashioned (Jerome Kern/Johnny Mercer)

I am not such a clever one about the latest fads
I admit I was never one adored by local lads
Not that I ever tried to be a saint
I’m the type that they classify as quaint

I’m old fashioned, I love the moonlight
I love the old fashioned things
The sound of rain upon a window pane
The starry song that April sings
This years fancies are passing fancies
But sighing sighs, holding hands
These my heart understands

I’m old fashioned but I don’t mind it
That’s how I want to be
As long as you agree
To stay old fashioned with me.

I’m old fashioned but I don’t mind it
That’s how I want to be
As long as you agree
To stay old fashioned with me.

Vicki said...

Silly ol' Wanders, thinking we could just carry on without his blog and our MW fix! HahahaHA!
Glad you're continuing!

How DARE Jill ridicule Adrian's gown after Mary has give HER thumb's up "verdict"! Judging by Mary's sideways head position, I actually think her head spun around in a 360 while we weren't looking!

Robert said...

Jill's derisive laughter set the stage for monumental insults, but calling Adrian's gown "old-fashioned" and "from another era" isn't all that vicious. If Moy wanted to convey that Adrian's old-fashioned, Giella should have put her long sleeves, buttons up to the neck, a bustle, and a Laura Ingalls bonnet instead of a veil.

I can't wait for Jill to start insulting Mary.

Jared said...

I hope this storyline stretches out until Christmas.

Then the "Ha Ha Ha Ha" can turn into "Ho Ho Ho Ho."

Shmoopie said...

Oh, Mr. Wanders! Mean old Jill isn't patterned after you at all - what a delightful imagination you have! Now, if Moy and Giella introduce a new character that happens to be a balding man by the name of Bob or Bill or Joe or Jim Snawder who "attacks" people on the interwebs - then I'd be worried.

Chester (glad Wanders is still here) said...

Jill is mean, very mean. I bet she has no friends, and her parents abandoned her on New Country Road as a child.

I'd hate to know what they say about her in the break room at Mountview!

A more modern wedding dress? Does Jill want Adrien to wear a blender on her head?

Chester the Dog said...

"You don't want to look like you're from another era?"

Why not, the rest of Mary Worth does.

trixietrudy said...

Wanders, I didn't get a chance to read yesterday's blog, but I'm sure glad I didn't, or I would have lbeen up att night fretting. Yes, I said "fretting.". I love it here in this little community of like-minded cyn...cylists.

I can just imagine what Giella's idea of a "modern" gown will be. Probably like something out of the Jetsons.

heydave said...

Stand back: Jill's a duckin' and a weavin', jumping from her seat to strike a theatric pose (although I still insist she could have been flipping off Adrian) and then reclining like the "off with their heads" queen.

And that eyebrow; razor sharp!

And check out Mary: I wonder what passes for "oh, no you din't'" in Santa Royale.

There will be blood.
hee hee hee hee

Lisa Carter said...

Thank you for returning today! Your column is a bright spot in my day.

katyb said...

Thank you, Wanders, for continuing on. I was thinking about your comments yesterday (and yes, I do have a life!), and, I do agree that there is a high level of nastiness on the web.

But you have never been cruel or mean, only gently poked fun. And, truthfully, however much the creators of this strip may have a loving message in mind, the story telling is often full of big holes.
You have to do more than mail it in to be taken seriously.

However, they do go to work each day like most of us, so good for them and here's hoping we can all enjoy our ride every day. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

this is going to be a great time in Mary Worth land- you must follow it

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

I agree with other commenters who noted that the dress actually looks pretty modern. Certainly more modern than what anyone else in the strip is wearing. So what's Jill's idea of a modern bridal gown? Maybe something like this?

Oh and Wanders: I'm glad you're sticking around. And I'd be surprised if Karen Moy would be upset by your blog. I get the impression from things like the encouragement she gave to the My Cage creators that she's actually a pretty cool person.

Steve_J_23 said...

Here's some help on how to organise the wedding, Australia style, from the other blog I follow. (Bogan = Australian slang for "white trash")

It'll be noooiiiiice!!!! Mary Worth will approve, especially if there's a stretch hummer involved!

Amanda Kate said...

Thank goodness! It looks like you're going to continue. My heart can start beating again. Which is good because it stopped yesterday afternoon, which is probably unhealthy.