Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mary Worth 1,040

We are saved!

It's been 49 days since we last saw Mary. Longer than it took the earth to flood in Genesis! And in those 49 days, Drew has managed to get himself into a real doozy of a situation. Thank heaven Mary is here to work everything out.

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heydave said...

The clouds have parted!
Open that big ol' can of badness that you is, Mary!

Let the finger pointing begin; no time for chin touching anymore!

Elaine said...

Drew is trying to start a new trend - cheek touching. Let's see if it lasts.
Mary, we have missed you SO much - why did you wait until things have reached a fevered pitch with LiZa the Psychopath?

Elaine said...
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flea said...

Hey Doc! I am up here in Room 219, DYING fer cripe sake. What are you doing down there on that park bench?
My surgery was supposed to be 2 hours ago
I'm calling my malpractice lawyer.

Mary said...

Outfit alert: Still a suit jacket, but now it's white.

Gina said...

Mary's here! All is well!

Anonymous said...

How about "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" for the jukebox?

Syndi said...

Dr. Drew is also wearing a different tie than the one he had on with the black suit -- same color; different, but similar, pattern.

Dave in Parma said...

All that came to mind from the Wednesday strip: "STELLLLLLAAAAAA"

Anonymous said...

Today it looks like Drew is channeling Jack Benny!

Vicki said...

@flea - excellent point. You do have to wonder--is it really a GOOD IDEA for patients to look out their hospital room windows and see their doctor sitting on a a bench fretting about something?
They're imaginations will run wild..."Oh, dear, I just KNOW he's trying to get up the courage to tell me something truly awful about my illness!??"
I hope he never takes up flying commercial airplanes! Wouldn't want to see an upset pilot from my little window seat position either, LoL!

kathyo said...

Make it fast, Mary. Your shift starts at 10, and there may still be some cake and champagne left in Conference Room 3!

Personally, I'm hoping we'll see LiZA resort to more drastic measures before Mary interferes.

Shmoopie said...

Mary, always advising and comforting the bereaved/depressed/idiotic, slithers onto the bench next to Drew. "I can see that you are troubled, dear. I believe what you need is some pie." As she opens her bulging concrete purse, a glorious key lime pie, light as angels' wings, materializes. Predictably, Drew digs in as Mary continues, "While you savour this, my dear, let me tell you a story..........."

Anonymous said...

Finally, Moy and Giella have remembered what the name of the strip is. But truth be told, I am almost sorry that Mary has appeared. I just know her idea of fixing Drew's problem will be lame and boring and not nearly as riveting the ping-pong game Drew and LiZa have been playing:

"I break up with you."
"I forgive you."
"I break up with you."
"We can get over this trouble spot."
"I break up with you."
"Did you forget something? Give me a kiss!"

Circa 2041:
"I break up with you."
"I break up with you."
"Speak up, I can't hear you."
"I break up with you."
"Did you say 'I would love to kiss you?'"
"Aldo, I'm coming...aaarrrggghhh!"

Robert said...

I have a feeling that when Mary tries to reason with LiZa and gets exasperated at the poor girl's delusions, Mary's going to bust out with, "Girl, he's just not that into you, okay?" We all know Moy is several years behind the curve on "hip" cultural references.

Jimmy Joe said...

Drew: How do I deal with someone who wants something I can't give?

Oh dear, do you suppose that Drew will ask Mary's advice without ever telling her what the real problem is, just like he did with his dad? My head will surely explode!

Anonymous said...

I wondered when the Cavalry would show up.

Graham said...

I stayed out late one night and you moved in
I didn't mind 'cause of the state you were in
May I remind you that it's been a year since then

Today the landlady, she said to me
(what did she say?)
You're looney friend just made a pass at me
(slap him in the face)
Perhaps you might enjoy a cottage by the sea

Carole Bayer Sager

Peggy Olson said...

Mary is back - but so is the summer art intern. He needs more practice drawing our Mary. She's looking a bit feature-less and ill defined today.

birdie said...

I second the nomination of "fifty ways to leave your lover" for the jukebox.

I wonder if Mary will organize an intervention.

flea said...

Mary has been out recovering from the amputation of her left hand. But instead of a prosthesis, she now has a giant lobster claw. It works great.

James in North Dakota said...

Mary Worth has been to the Bum Boat so many times that she's slowly metamorphosing into a lobster! Good eye, Flea!

Anonymous said...

In Friday's strip, we have the double face-touch! Look out!

I think Liza is in the shrubbery behind Drew's bench.

Robert said...

Rosemary Clooney does a lovely version of "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover," if the Charterstone condo board would be amenable to a laidback and tasteful version for the jukebox.