Sunday, September 11, 2011

Contagion: Delightful Romp or Tedious Bore?

I saw a lot of movies this summer: Planet of the Apes, Captain America, Cowboys and Aliens, to name a few. At each movie, we saw the preview for "Contagion." I was not intrigued by the preview, but Mrs. Wanders couldn't wait, and so last night we went. I can honestly say that the best thing about the movie "Contagion" was that they didn't show the preview to "Contagion."

Even Mrs. Wanders had to admit that while the subject matter greatly interested her, the movie was "not that good." I checked my watch three times. So did the man next to me. (And keep in mind, I'm pretty patient; I can sit through months of Mary Worth dialogue.)

The movie, as you no doubt know, is about an airborne virus that spreads across the globe and kills millions of people, much like the Spanish Flu in 1918 which killed one percent of the earth's population. The CDC estimates the virus in the film has an R0 (R-nought) factor of 4. Meaning that for every person who is exposed, they will expose four more people. I would say that although this movie is bad, it's R0 factor is only 2, meaning that for every person who likes it, only two will not.

The reviews are surprisingly good. It isn't a poorly made film, but it contains about eight different plots, and only two are interesting. One is dopey (Jude Law), and at least one is extremely lame (the woman in the second photo on the poster, whoever that is.)

And that preview I saw five times this summer? It pretty much shows the entire movie in about four minutes, and is much better than the full length film. So go see something else, and enjoy the Contagion preview.


phoebes in santa fe said...

Interesting. I saw the "Contagion" preview a couple of times this summer and thought the movie looked like it might be worth seeing, but your review is reason not to. I see very few "summer" movies, usually waiting til Fall to see movies that are more "serious".

And for "Mary Worth", I thought Moy worked the 9/11 theme pretty well today, though I thought Mary looked downright gleeful as she made her phone call. I wish, though, that Moy had worked the current plot line into today's strip.

Punky said...

@phoebes - my thoughts exactly. On the one hand, it was such an abrupt shift, considering how many days they've been sitting in that booth. On he other hand, we're finally out of Diner and Mary can finally start some serious meddling. And what’s with the big grin at the end of her phone call, on such a solemn occasion? Kind of creepy. Maybe Mary needs to lay off the drinking first thing in the morning. All that drink is missing is the umbrella.

kathyo said...

Condo Board! May I nominate another song for the Charterstone Jukebox? "Bobby's Girl" by Marcie Blane ("You're not a kid anymore...").

It goes with ponytails.

phoebes in santa fe said...

By the way, Doonesbury has a good 9/11 cartoon today.

Gina said...

Nothing comforts a grieving mother like a chipper phone call. You stay classy, Mary!

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing, Wanders, but that actress in the "Contagion" poster is Marion Cotillard, who won the Best Actress Academy Award for her role as Édith Piaf in La Vie en Rose. She also starred in Inception last year.

Wanders said...

@Kathyo: The Condo Board has fast tracked your request and approved Bobby's Girl. Thank you for your suggestion.

@phoebes: Doonesbury pulls off the best tribute strip published I believe. Plus, a reference to one of my favorite movies of the summer? Awesome.