Monday, September 12, 2011

Mary Worth 1,115

There are probably quite a few, but they're all under the age of twelve.

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phoebes in santa fe said...

Well, at least we're out of Diner. Do you think we're going to have a day or so with EVERY Bobby Black in the NYC area?

Elaine said...

I already did that for her - there are thousands of Bobby Blacks in New York - over 1600 marriage records. What are the chances that he's holding out for Gina? Astronomical, I'm sure, since we're in the Worthiverse.

Karen with a K said...

So we'll be spending this week in Coffee with Gina? Googling "Bobby Black"? Does she even know to put phrases in quotation marks? I mean, this is the dumb bunny who had to turn to Mary Worth to decide if she should look up her long lost love from the age of 14.

Chester the Dog said...

The local Best Buy must have had a sale on Compaq 286 laptops.

Elaine said...

By the way, where IS Gina? Obviously not at work. The next thing she should be searching for is the local unemployment office.

heydave said...

Again. Love? At a whole 14.
I'm ill.

KitKat said...

So many questions today. Is Gina in a student lounge on her long-neglected campus? If so, is it the college that has Dawn Weston as a student and Professor Ian as a faculty member? What's with the red-shirted guy behind Gina, who moved abruptly between the panels? And, when Gina is reunited with her adolescent heart throb, will he be wearing the same purplish-black god-awful tee that Gina is wearing?

Punky said...

The very first Bobby Black that comes up on "the Google" when you type in "Bobby Black New York City" is a senior editor and columnist at High Times magazine. Perhaps when the Baroni family left town, Bobby took solace in The Evil Weed?

WV: quesea, which is how I have felt throughout Gina's story.

Maude Findlay said...

Not to mention, what if Bobby goes by Robert now- or Rob, or Bob? Finding someone with a really common name is still difficult, even with the internet.

Brick said...

Things that make Gina's Worthiverse search more difficult than it would be for us:
-No one has a middle name.

Things that make Gina's search much easier:
-'Bobby' probably does NOT now call himself 'Bob' or 'Robert'.
-New York probably has a population of something like 200.
-1/3 of the 100 men in New York have blue hair (1/3 are blond and 1/3 are salmon).
-Any Bobby Black with a marriage record is not Gina's Bobby Black.

birdie said...

Gina! Look! That's Bobby right behind you! And he's looking at a chart of his finances on his computer. It's looking good. Marry him now, and you'll never have to pretend to be a waitress again!

Dave in Parma said...

Gina, has Mary approved of you using the interweb?

Maybe Gina should be searching for Bobby Black's parents. He's bound to live with his mother.

Vicki said...

"oh, HI Gina! Whatchoo doing, girl, studying up for that econ test on Weds??"

"Uh, no, I'm looking up an old flame from when I was fourteen and living in NYC. Did you know there are THOUSANDS of Bobby Blacks living in the Big Apple? I soooo hope I find him! He was such a dreamy boy! Our love was an innocent love, but the hand of Fate dealt me such a cruel blow!"

[friend slowly picks up her stuff and moves to another table..."well, ALRIGHTY THEN, Gina! Good luck with that!! I'll be over here writing my term paper"

Captain Surly said...

what if he isn't "Bob" or "Robert" but

Roberta Black?
Roberta Flack?
Killing me softly....god, I am trying so hard to make this story line slightly interesting.

James in North Dakota said...

Capt. Surly, I just about died!!!! Now, if Bobby Black transformed into Roberta Flack, I think that would be one heck of a storyline. I think it would just sweep the Mary Worth awards!

WV "miceit"...what happens when rats are deceitful.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Speaking of the "Worthies", will you give us a little clue on what you have in mind for 2011, Wanders?

This year already has produced dozens of prize choices.

Anonymous said...

Maybe these keywords would help the Google search: "Bobby Black" "New York" tortured killed Mafia

Dave in Parma said...

Hilarious--google "Bobby Black New York" and the first returned result is a wikipedia entry for the Black Panthers. (try it!)

Now we know who did the hit Gina's dad witnessed!

duckduckgoose said...

I tried it, Dave in Parma, and ended up with very different results. Most, I'm afraid would frighten innocent children.

But I think I found our Bobby in New York. His Myspace interests include "classic rock, stoner rock, heavy metal, philosophy, literature, my love, magick, hedonism, tantra, comic books, art, writing, poetry and consciousness elevation (to name a few)

Unfortunately, Bobby's "Off to Vegas for a long weekend with the Mrs."

Too bad because he was looking so promising. His blurb starts with, "As a kid, I only wanted to be one thing when I grew up--COOL. At the age of ten I discovered my parents' vinyl collection, and started growing my hair long by eleven. I smoked my first joint at twelve, got drunk for the first time at thirteen, and was in my first moshpit by fifteen..." Maybe this isn't our Bobby.

Anonymous said...

Gina, turn around...I think he's right behind you.