Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mary Worth 1,127

Okay, but be prepared -- things like registering for school, transferring credits, cashing checks and hiding from the mob are going to be a real hassle.

And we all thought Gina grew up Italian, what, with the Italian ice and gruesome mob-related killings. And the last name Baroni. How racist of us not to realize she was really Iberian.

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Mary said...

Maybe Karen Moy is mad at us for making fun of her all the time, so she locked us in DINER to teach us a lesson.

heydave said...

Here's a week or so of MW, for you dining and dancing pleasure.

Day 1: Mary reacts with a platitude along the lines of "you can't get there if you don't go!"

Day 2: We see an energized Gina hurrying home, all the while repeating to herself "you can't get there..."

Day 3: Gina is in her room, getting ready to go to the game and confront Bobby.

Day 4: Gina wonders what people wear to them fancy soccer games.

Day 5: While staring at her closet trying on different outfits, Gina ways the pros and cons of each look.

Day 6: While still pondering her closet, gina has mental flashbacks of her and Bobby when they were young "lovers."

Day 7: More of Day 6, possibly set to moody shading and silhouetting.

Day 8: Gina decides to quickly see what an eager yet outwardly un-pushy soccer game attendee wears by asking Mr. Google.

Day 9: We are treated to seeing her face in the glow of a laptop as she reads on the matter.

Day 10: More of the same, with flashbacks to Bobby's sartorial preferences.

Day 11: Ah hah! Wardrobe insight!

Day 12: Back at the apartment, dressing for the game.

Day 13: Making her way to the game; thought balloons a-plenty.

Day 14: Arrival at Stadium.

Day 15: A close-up of Gina's tears as she realizes the game was nearly two weeks ago.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Maybe, just maybe, this epic will be wrapped up in tomorrow's Sunday paper. Or in some Sunday paper, some Sunday...

Though, I think "heydave"@8.52a has the right timeline.

Punky said...

Phoebes - yes, heydave has totally called it. Even his drawn-out scenario is probably better than what we are in for. Remember that nothing, absolutely nothing, happens on Sunday - it's Recap Day, for all of those who only read the Sunday funnies. Though I'm still perplexed (and unsettled) by that out-of-context Sunday, September 11 strip, which seemed arbitrarily stuck in to fit the "let's all commemmorate September 11" theme, and featured Mary consoling a grieving mother with the widest grin I may have ever seen Mary make, even wider than when she turns down one of Jeff's many proposals.

James in North Dakota said...

LOL at Mary!!! Either that or it's "Groundhogs Day," where we shall repeat the same day forever. Where's Bill Murray when you need him?

Phoebes, I doubt it, sadly. I've noted that Sundays are usually reserved to being an omnibus edition where the storyline from the past week is recapped. I know what you're saying: So every day is Sunday? Again, it's like "Groundhogs Day."

Dave in Parma said...

Jiminez? Jiminez?!

And yes, please: go.

Dave in Parma said...

@hey Dave: thanks for running the next 4 months of Mary Worth--unfortunately your timeline, while deadly accurate, is likely in Santa Royale time.

@James in ND: to your Groundhog Day point, may I humbly nominate 'I Got You Babe" for the Charterstone jukebox. That way we can click it and play each morning as we continue to read this "story."

kathyo said...

Jiminez...Baroni...what's the difference? She wants to be Gina Black anyway.

@heydave: Gina has saved her yellow tee-shirt and blue shorts, which she will wear to the soccer game. My question is--who'll she go to the game with? Does anyone go to a soccer game by themselves?

Anonymous said...

Mary wants Gina to find happiness. Too bad she doesn't want Dr. Jeff to have any. After she rejected his proposal she's spending all her time hiding out in DINER just to avoid him. He's probably been home sobbing himself to sleep every night.

Vicki said...

@kathyo - maybe she will go with my all-time favorite unseen MW character -- Queenie Gomez!!

(for you newer readers, "Queenie Gomez" was once married to con man Ted Confey, the mustachioed sleazeball who conned stupid Dr. Adrian Corey [Hewlett] out of $50,000! We never SAW Ms. Gomez, but I have LOVED her name ever since!)

Anonymous said...

kathyo - definitely. The yellow top and blue shorts. Gina hasn't even washed them since Bobby left; sleeps with them under her pillow every night. Or wears them, Miss Havisham style, in the evenings - staring at the deflated basketball on her dining room table.

meg said...

A query about pronunciation- does this mean her first name is pronounced "Heena"?

KitKat said...

How about this scenario: The mob hit men who have been trailing Gina for 10+ years hear her identify herself as Gina Jiminiz. "That's her!" they exclaim, then they whack her. With her last gasp, Gina makes Mary promise that she will go to Arena and give Gina's ponytail scrunchie collection to Bobby.

AND...I was puzzled by the spelling of "Jiminiz" (why not "Jimenez"?), so I typed "Jiminiz" into the Google. It repeatedly corrected the spelling to "Jimemez." Karen Moy, you got some splainin' to do!

Elaine said...

I think James in North Dakota might have it right - we are definitely stuck in Ground Hog Day....yawn...

KitKat said...

Correction to my previous post: The spelling was corrected to "Jimenez." (I don't want to impugn the Google's spelling acumen!)

Gina said...

I'm sorry, JIMINEZ? I call shenanigans.

Meg, yours made me literally LOL. :-)

flea said...

This storyline is distrubing. It is too similar to my recurring nightmares. I need to catch a plane but I move as though I'm swimming in molasses. I never get make it in

Chester the Dog said...

Jiminez? There goes Mama Baronis pasta sauce business! "Real Italian sauce, made in Mexico"

No wonder the UN here in NYC is in such a tizzy, they have been readng this strip for the past week.

Wanders, I agree with the problems that Gina will soon have, changing her name, library card, etc. Chase Bank wil have a hefty fee for her, just to change her name on her empty checking account.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else flash to Bill Dana's "Jose Jimenez" astronaut routine?

I predict that Hina will go to the game, only to see Bobby get hit in the chest with the (inflated) soccer ball at the exact moment in the cardiac cycle where a sudden blow to the chest can cause cardiac arrest.

Bobby will be put on Stretcher by Paramedic and taken by Ambulance to Hospital, where Dr. Adrian will try to save him.

But, since it's Dr. Adrian, Bobby will die in Hina's arms. We will, however, get to see Hospital Hi-Fi in the background.

And the soccer ball will deflate.

--Beagle Vet

WV: "difoc". Hmm.

Anonymous said...

I read Mary's line in Sunday's strip while drinking coffee just like she is and it sounded a little like this: "Gina, bluurbou gan (cough, cough) guurghndle (dribble) ivta ou(cough)gum is nosh(bubbles) whu...I had to stop before choking.

KitKat said...

Re the last panel in Sunday's strip, I hope that the menacing plant reaching toward Gina is a relative of Audrey II, the carnivorous plant in "Little Shop of Horrors." What better way to end our long national nightmare than to see Gina devoured by a plant? Even Mary may be speechless witnessing that.

Norah said...

After reading Sunday's MW I thought of the song "Bobby's Girl", which was sung by Marcie Blaine in 1962. I've always thought that was one of the most anti-feminist songs ever. And it totally fits Gina.

When people ask of me
What would you like to be
Now that your not a kid anymore
(You're not a kid anymore)
I know just what to say
I answer right away
There's just one thing
I've been wishing for...
I want to be Bobby's girl
I want to be Bobby's girl
That's the most important thing to me...
And if I was Bobby's girl
If I was Bobby's girl
What a faithful, thankful girl I'd be.

Robert said...

May and Gina have drank more coffee in the last few weeks than in 4 years of Mary visiting Toby or Jeff. The only thing that will make this story exciting is, when Gina thinks she's about to meet Bobby again, if Bobby's posing for pics and kicks a soccer ball that hits Gina in the gut, giving a not too subtle clue to how this will play out for Gina.

Gina said...

Here's how I see this playing out:

Seeing Bobby play soccer, Hina (I'll never be able to spell it any other way now) is overcome with emotion. She runs out onto the field, crying, "Bobby! It's me! I'm your Hina Jiminez again!!"

In the stands, a mobster is sitting -- because as we all know, Mexican mobsters from NYC love to go to soccer games in California. It may even be Big Juan or Juarez the Enforcer. He takes careful aim. . . .

Well, you know the rest.

djangosmom said...

Anon@11:56, yes, I have been wondering since I read the strip, What ever happened to Jose Jimenez?

meg said...

What has happened to Jose Jimenez?
He is living in Jollywood and has a relationship with Hanuary Hones.

kathyo said...

@Nora: "Bobby's Girl" is already on the Charterstone Jukebox (look over to the right-hand column of the blog main page). Gina's been singing it in her sleep since she was 14.

WARNING: If you listen to the song, you'll never get it out of your head. Ever.

kathyo said...
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