Friday, February 24, 2012

Mary Worth 1,237

You never can tell about people. Remember Wayne the Kidnapper? I was stunned when it turned out just over a month ago that he was an actual kidnapper. Or that Aldo Kelrast was a stalker? Or that Liza with a Zzzzzz was a stalker. Or Gina Baroni was a stalker. Or that Mike Roberts was a stalker.

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jmernl said...

I am really impressed how Female Underling can speak with her mouth closed AND with her hand partially covering her lips. Unless of course, Male Underling is a highly skilled ventriloquist

Gina said...

That last panel really needs a "dun dun DUN."

Thorpnotized said...

I didn't realize that Nola has a problem with lazy eye, until today. That left eye of hers is looking off somewhere else. Yesterday it was looking at her nose.

KitKat said...

Once again Mr. Giella invites readers to find the differences between the panels. The artwork (using the term very loosely) behind Nola morphed from one piece to two. And, the picture of the shrubbery looks just like the one in Mary's apartment!

The doors at the end of the hall look like the ones in both Mountainview Hospital and Diner. If they open, perhaps we'll see Dr. Drew alongside Ronnie the Cook.

(The two-word verification is making me wonder if I really am a robot! Yeesh.)

Brick said...

Today's two-word verification looks like an incantation that Nola may have used to place a spell on poor Dan Smithers last month: nfortia illoci !!!

phoebes in santa fe said...

Well, did "Dan Smithers" try to defend himself from the charge of stealing? I am beginning to see Nola as another Demi Moore in that movie with Michael Douglas a few years back, where she played the same character as Nola seems to be. Is Moy now taking her plot points from old movies? Will Nola's boyfriend turn out to be a "toy-boy" like Demi's? I suppose I have to stick around to see. Gag me with a spoon...

Anonymous said...

Yay! The stalking plants are back, this time cleverly disguising themselves as a painting!

--Beagle Vet

Dave in Parma said...

Betty Crocker?! Is that you?

heydave said...

Like a recurring infection, this column just keeps giving!

Sandi Ego said...

Victor Von Underling really does appear to be in shock. I hope that's covered by the employee health plan.
I can't wait to meet the ruined Smithers, who is undoubtedly drowning his sorrows in drink and plotting revenge. (Please?)

meg said...

The scene: Late afternoon in the "Cameron" apartment.

Ian Cameron enters with a face like thunder. He's wearing a tweed suit with a vest, heavy brogues on his feet. He is in full "I am a professor at Santa Royal University and don't you forget it" mode.

Toby is working on a clown painting. The clown is wearing a snug-fitting yellow clown suit and a blue-black clown wig. Toby puts down her brush and greets Ian.

"Darling, what's wrong?"

"Ach, lassie, it's trouble we have...Ye know that I worship the very groond ye walk on because the fair Mary has told ye so....but I have verra bad news for ye."

"Ian, for the love of Charterstone, please speak English. No one else is here to hear you."

"Okey dokey, here's the skinny: You remember when you got swindled out of all that money on the internets?"

Toby remains silent.

"Well, I had to take out a second mortgage on the apartment, and because of my pathetic University salary, I could only go to a certain usurious b**ch for the money."

"Ian, nooooooooooooo!"

"Yes, Toby, although I worship the ground you walk on, that ground is owned by (drum roll) Nola Wolvenson."


"But wait, there's more. I went to see the wench, and I found out that Wolvenson is an old Scots name, and Nola has daddy issues."

"Ian, you gret gomeral, er, big fool, are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"Aye, Toby, she's willing to give us a break, but I have to....I have to..."

"NOOOOOO! Not our special thing!"

"Yes, lassie, there's nothing else for it... I go now to prepare."

The scene: later that same day, in one of Nola's beautiful "apartments." Nola is lounging on the sofa, drinking a large tumbler of Old Monkey Shoulder (given to her by her drinking buddy Jill Black).

Ian enters. He is bare-chested, and is wearing a kilt of the Wolvenson tartan- it's a gaudy yellow, purple, black and gray.

"Are ye ready, bairn?"

"Oh, yes, faither, I love it when you talk wi' a heavy brogue while wearing heavy brogues."

With a sigh, Ian picks up his bagpipe and begins to play and sing.

"Oh, ye'll take the low road, and ye'll take the low road, and ye'll be vice president before Dave Smithers."

"Go, Daddy, go!"

The scene: Ian is snoring away in his Barcalounger. He wakes with a start.

"It was just a dream? Where am I? Toby, what are we doing in Mary's apartment?"

"Ian, we had no choice, we had to move in with Mary."

With a sigh, Ian picks up his bagpipe and begins to play and sing.

"Come and knock on our door, We've been waiting for you, Where the kisses are hers and hers and his, Three's company, too!"

Fade to plaid.

Maude Findlay said...

I wonder if we'll get to see Dan Smithers living in a squalid apartment with cracked windows & walls, quivering with resentment & $2 fortified vino, bitterly complaining to his shady looking roommate, about how his life is ruined since ''That dame Nola'' falsely accused him of stealing from the company?

Pat P. said...

I nominate Meg for post of the year. I'm still laughing.

KitKat said...

I second Pat P.'s nomination - Meg really knocked the ball out of the park! Eat your heart out, Karen Moy.

Punky said...

I'm sure Meg's was a dynamite post. I just couldn't read past "Ian enters. He is bare-chested."

Vicki said...

@ meg: LoL, what you wrote is truly awesome! I love Ian in his "heavy brogues" and Nola sipping her "tumbler of Monkey Shoulder!"

I would certainly advise Mr. Prez to watch his back! I mean, it wouldn't be Nola's fault if say, he has lousy balance and falls down three flights of stairs.