Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mary Worth 1,239

With just a little over 24 hours to go, Mary begins selecting the perfect outfit for her lunch with Nola. But there's so much choose from, so many colors, so many different necklines, so many sleeve lengths... How will Mary ever decide? One thing is certain though: Tomorrow's lunch will feature two spectacularly clad ladies. This is so exciting!

One tip, Mary: Harriet Carter (Distinctive Gifts Since 1958) can help you save space in that tiny IKEA closet you've got there.

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Punky said...

Oh my goodness. If we still had one-word word verifications, I'd have kept pushing Refresh until I got "hausfrau." That's quite an assortment of shapeless frocks!

Today's strip yielded one more phrase for my Nola/Chatty Cathy doll: "I used my wits to create my opportunities!"

Anonymous said...

All of Mary's purple outfits must be in the giant walk-in closet in the other room.

heydave said...

I am so glad that Nola walks along, oblivious to what The Prez is telling her as she goes through her Stuart Smiley "gosh darn it, I'm worth it!" routine.

And wait, Dan Smithers you say? Both Dan AND Smithers? we get it already!

Speaking of which, do we know if Nola gets what she wants yet?

Dave in Parma said...

WOW! I didn't realize that Nola worked in Metropolis! She must be important.

And did you hear about Dan Smithers? You know, the guy who was fired over a year ago?

And lastly.... yes, Mary: Nola is a sharp dresser. And my wife thinks I'm very stylish when I continue to wear my circa 1990s flannel too.

TeacherPatti said...

You all can hate, but I gotta dance! Look at how far Mary Worth has come, my friends!

1) Women in the workplace!
2) Women wearing pants!
3) Women becoming *vice president* of a company!

Sure, she likely used her wits (wink!) to get what she wanted but still! What's next?! Women pumping our own gas and becoming school board president?!

Anonymous said...

FYI, Mary...Rickrack and piping are fashion don'ts.

Joolz said...

Those are the worst Chanel knockoffs I've ever seen.

kathyo said...

The way Nola's skirt keeps riding up in back as she walks with The Prez, it's no wonder the entire staff is watching her.

Anonymous said...

Victor von Underling! Brilliant!

Does Colleen remind anyone else of Amy Farrah Fowler from Big Bang Theory? Is her hair attempting to flee from the conversation by suddenly putting itself into a ponytail?

You can still buy stunning housecoats and nightgowns like Mary's at the Vermont Country Store. Even in seersucker! Or "tateel fouria", my WV.

--Beagle Vet

Sandi Ego said...

Seriously hoping Mary selects the skimpy third frock from the left. Va va va voom! Give that hussy Nola a run for her hard-earned money.

Sandi Ego said...

And, I just clicked on the Harriet Carter link. LOL. Cedar scented plastic, how terribly modern.

KitKat said...

Beagle Vet nailed it - Mary's closet is filled with what my mother called "house coats." Imagine Nola's disdainful smirk when Mary meets her at the Lemon Wedge.

Victor's hair has gotten increasingly grayer while Colleen's formerly blue hair now matches Nola's blue-black. That's what comes of gossiping in hallways.

Wary Mirth said...

I feel awful for Nola. Her incontinence issue is showing, first in her purple pants and then down her leg. No wonder Victor is laughing at her. Oh, what a cruel cruel workplace. It needs an aggressive woman in top management to finally instill some dignity and discipline.

Thorpnotized said...

In the second panel (of the three-row Sunday strip) Nola has gone from looking like early Mary Tyler Moore to very early Jane Powell.

This being a family friendly blog, all I can say is "Nola enjoys her promotion at Tork."

@kathyo - If Nola's skirt continues to shrink, tomorrow's strip may itself turn not family friendly.
@beagle vet - Yes, definitely Amy Farrah Fowler.

kathyo said...

@Wary Mirth: Love your moniker!

Anonymous said...

That closet does look like it's made of chipboard, doesn't it? And what's with the wooden hangars? Shouldn't Mary be using padded satin hangars?

So Colleen's hair is growing while Nola's skirt is shrinking. If the skirt shrinks any further, there will be a new meaning for the term "comic strip".

--Beagle Vet

James in North Dakota said...

Mary needn't bother about picking out an outfit. Whatever she wears, it'll just look different the following strip. Personally, I like that blouse that Mary was wearing when she was in Toby's kitchen. With that plunging neckline and Mary's va-va-va-voom figure (plus Nola's high-falutin' status as vice president), the two are sure to get the best table at Diner.