Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mary Worth 1,242

It's interesting that Nola always gets what she wants, but I still don't know what it is THAT she wants. Except perhaps a new friend. Which she certainly has found in Mary Worth.

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heydave said...

Maybe Nola wants the love that shall remain unspoken?

KitKat said...

I bet all those lines emanating from the area between Mary's forehead and nostrils equal a lot of "!" symbols. Wanders, perhaps you can add "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones to the Charterstone Jukebox.

As I wrote earlier this week, this really IS a classy place - check out the guy in the pin-striped suit. Maybe he's the president of Bank.

Elaine said...

What IS the point of Nola repeatedly talking to Mary? Mary isn't solving her problem of her cheating boyfriend, so what does Nola want here? Maybe it's the undying envy and admiration of Mary.

Nola's hair has been morphing - wonder what it will look like tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Does Nola want to oust Mary as matriarch of Charterstone and take over her position as meddling queen? Does Nola want a partner in crime so that if she goes to jail Mary goes along too? Who knows? But this story is more fun than learning about ID theft or internet fraud, even if it is just meandering to nowhere so far.

Robert said...

There's only one thing Mary can do ... get hired at Nola's company and pull an Eve Harrington on her. Then she can smugly let Nola know that others can play that same game, and doesn't it make her now think about what she did to poor Smithers? At which point, Nola will burst into tears, tell us a story about how she didn't get enough love as a child, and now sees the error of her ways.

Anonymous said...

Isn't LiZa/Nasa in business school now? Maybe she could do an internship at Office and sabotage Nola with an endless series of insipid tweets (not that there's any other kind of tweet). Nola will go insane and threaten to jump from Window.

The situation will be exacerbated when Ian shows up in his kilt and attempts to offer Nola some haggis-on-a-stick (having come directly from County Fair, where he won the caber toss) and show her some betamax videos of Scotland narrated by Sean Flannery, and Toby attempts to paint a clown for Nola, not realizing that Nola suffers from severe coulrophobia, having narrowly escaped from John Wayne Gacy back in the day.

Cop Mr. Adrian will talk Nola down and she will go to Hospital, where she and Dr. Drew will share tips on how to maintain that blue-black hair glossy sheen using Hair Care Product.

Nasa and Dr. Drew will be reunited, but she and Nola will realize that they are meant for each other, and the reason that Nola was so unethical and ruthless was that she was denying her true self.

Nola and Nasa will live happily ever after, while Dr. Drew will continue to search for his soulmate in the pages of Men's Fitness Quarterly.

Smithers will be offered his job back, but he will instead start his own business (called "Business"), and take Victor von Underling and Colleen Colleague with him. They will compete directly with Office and drive them out of business.

And Jeff will ask Mary to marry him yet again.

--Beagle Vet

Nancy said...

One might think that since Nola confessed to Mary just what she had done, this would be the end of the story line. One would be wrong.

meg said...

"If you hear something, say something." Could Mary be charged with accessory after the fact (please!please!) if she fails to report what Nola has done?

In other matters, what has become of Mary's lower teeth?
Did she:
a) spit them out in surprise?
b) swallow them in shock? or
c) did Nola steal them for their gold fillings?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we be concerned about Karen Moy's profound disconnect from reality?

Vicki said...

@ Beagle Vet -- Lol, your scenario sounds perfectly plausible to me!

Well, Mary just can't get a word in edgewise!..."Nola, did you happen to hear about the little Goleta girl that was kidnapped? I don't mean to brag, but I was VERY instrumental in..."

Nola interrupts, "...Mary, I once stole an attractive child once because it's what I wanted. It wasn't my fault the parents didn't build a taller fence for their yard..."