Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mary Worth 1,290

Hey, that's a pretty heartless thing to say to a widow, Bobby.

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meg said...

The Place: Stately Old Borrowed Manor, Lloyd Neck, LawnGuyland, NY

The Event: The Ghost of Mike Wallace has returned for a very special edition of 60 Minutes.

The Topic: Does Mary Worth mean everything she says? Does Mary Worth mean anything she says?

MW: Mary thank you for being with us tonight-

MW: Well, Mike, I-

MW: -and we hope you will answer the questions America-

MW: -will be happy to-

MW: -indeed, the world-

MW: - tell you some things-

MW: -is asking. To begin-

MW: -about my philoph-

MW: -with, I want you to tell-

MW: -y and opinions about-

MW: -me what you were think-

MW: -what other people should-

MW: -ing when you said that the-

MW: -do with their lives.

MW: -Jiminez-Black alliance is one of the few rare good things in the world?

MW: Actually, I said one of the rare few good things in the world.

MW: Mary, did you mean it or was that just an aphorism or platitude?

MW: Mike, I think you'll find that it was my infallible opinion.

MW: What about when you said- many times, I might add- that nothing is worth having if it means harming others to obtain it?

MW: Oh, Mikey, I've known you since you were a cub reporter on the Santa Royale Whig Herald! I can't fool you! Everything I say is either total baloney or just filler. I know people stopped listening to me years ago.

MW: One final question, Mary- is a fluffy kitten good? How about ice cream on the 4th of July? Medicare? Metamucil?

MW: Sorry, gotta go, my public is calling... It's Showtime!

MW: There you have her, ladies and gentlemen- Mary Worth! Is she a fabulous meddler, or just an elderly busybody?

Punky said...

This plot is fairly whizzing along! Nice to see you, Bobby Black. Though I'm not really sure what your left hand is doing with Mary's little paw - is this the world's awkwardest handshake? It's really the strangest gathering of hands, all three of them, that I've seen in quite some time. And oh how I have missed you, faceless background people! Scanning crowd for Manager Hamfist....

fauxprof said...

The engagement announcement will be secondary to the real big news: Bobbina have signed to star in a new reality series, "Real Soccer Housewives". The series finale is supposed to be their fairytale wedding, but the Sleazy Producer (it's his fabulous mansion BTW) has decided that it will be better TV to turn Gina into a Bridezilla, precipitating a series of bitter fights, and culminating in a huge public breakup at the altar. Sleazy Producer will be drawn with slick-backed hair and a pencil mustache, like a 1930s movie lounge lizard villain. Indistinguishable, in fact, from the phony fiancee who tried to con Adrian.

Solve that one, Mary!

Antionette said...

For heaven's sake Gina, this is a formal, couldn't you let the stick pony go for one night? Surely, Bobby could afford a stylist.

The inverted hand is really creepy...looks as if Gina's "spilling" out of her bodice onto Bobby's left arm.

Doesn't Bobby look a mite older than his 25+ years?

WV: chdreent paglis

Elaine said...
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Elaine said...

Gina must be wearing some newfangled optical illusion dress - it has a different top depending on which angle you look at it!

KitKat said...

@meg, your Mary Worth-Mike Wallace encounter is a hoot.

Bobby Black shops exclusively at The Mortician's Wearhouse.

As Mary noted the other day, Lloyd Neck does look like Santa Royale - note the pink draperies.

Thorpnotized said...

Well, the storyline "action" is getting boring already, so time to comment on other things...

(1) Yes, the conglomeration of hands, mentioned in previous comments. Mary appears to be grabbing Bobby's thumb in her left hand -- definitely creepy. (2) Mary must have had more luggage than we saw, as she has brought the drapes from her apartment with her. (3) The "Lloyd Neckline" on Gina's dress is square in the first panel, and V-shaped in second. (4) Paintings should be hung at eye level, not above people's heads so they have to stare up at them. (5) But since all the other party guests are ghosts, they can just float up to look at them.

LouiseF said...

Antionette, ditto on the ponytail comment. Maybe Gina wants to keep her career as a waitress after marrying, so she's maintaining the ponytail. Unfortunately, it makes her look like Bobby's teenage bride. Dare I say it, but I believe Mary's head looks a wee bit too small for her body. . .

Anonymous said...

How many fingers does Bobby have on his left hand? He really ought to play goalie.

--Beagle Vet

Maude Findlay said...

Now that Gina and Bobby are back, we can only hope that Jill Black makes an appearance! This swanky party at a mansion would be the perfect opportunity for Jill to show up in all her glory, bellowing ''Where the @#$%! is the bar in this dump?''

Vicki said...

ah yes, the background people! Very few attendees, but yet they dance & chat and fake a wonderful time.

Meanwhile back in Santa Royale, a lonely Dr. Jeff Corey eats Kelkie cookies and watches re-runs of his televangelist show and wonders if he will EVER get a "YES" to his marriage proposal.

@meg -- loved the Mike Wallace interview, and @ fauxprof: the reality show idea sounds awesome!

Gina said...

Lucky is the only way they know to be.

meg said...

A ponytail like Gina's is sometimes called a Croydon facelift in the UK.

Thorpnotized / Hodces Dirchnic said...

Interesting fact, meg. I just read the following about the Croydon facelift:

"Traction alopecia, a type of gradual hair loss, can result from using this hairstyle."

It will be interesting to see what Gina will look like when she is bald.

jp said...

I love the crazed meth eyes on Bobby.