Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mary Worth 1,292

Although their chins, eyes, noses, height, and furniture have changed moment by moment, Gina's ponytail of love has never altered.

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meg said...
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meg said...

Much later that same evening...

Bobby and Gina are in their studio apartment on Avenue D in Manhattan.

Gina: Wow, you major players really know how to party!

Bobby: Whaddya mean- that old lady you invited must have a hollow leg. We would have run out of malt liquor if she hadn't fallen off that table she was dancing on just in the nick of time.

Gina: Poor Mary. I hope she'll be okay. If only she hadn't put that lampshade on her head....

Bobby: Did you notice how I handled the cops when they came? It works every time- give 'em an autographed picture of their favorite -ahem!-athlete, and they apologize and back off. Well, it didn't work for OJ Simpson, but it usually does.

Gina: Thank goodness nothing was broken in the house- except for Mary's hip. And it was really convenient to have that circular concrete block flower bed in the front yard (4/29/12) for those who couldn't -ahem!- hold their liquor. Hope your team's manager made it home okay.

Bobby starts to sign photographs with an auto-pen while Gina begins to open their engagement gifts.

Gina: Why would Governor Chris Christie send us a picture of himself?

Bobby: That's not Chris Christie- it's Manager Hamfist.

Gina: Oh- I didn't recognize him with his mouth closed. And he gave us a waffle iron- but it looks like it's been used.

Bobby: Yeah, Hamfist made himself a few waffles after he sobered up.

Gina: Maybe I can return it to Target for something else. After working at Di-, er, after eating in the dining hall at Stanford University Masters Degree Dormitory for so many years, I don't really care for waffles.

Bobby: Yeah, Gina, sure.

Gina: Well, this is odd. A gift from some of Mary's friends- I don't even know them. 'Best wishes from Ian and Toby Cameron'. Bobby- look at this:

Bobby: The guys in the locker room will love that.

Gina: Well, here's something interesting- an autographed picture of David and Victoria Beckham. I didn't know you knew them.

Bobby: Sure I do. He's the top player for the LA Galaxy, and I'm the top player for the New York Blazes. I wouldn't say we were besties, but we're tight.

Gina: Oh, an envelope from one of the WAGS- maybe it's a check. No, it's actually a certificate for a tanning salon, good for the Donald Trump extra orange deluxe package.

Bobby: Swell.

Gina: Oh, here's Mary's gift card- maybe it's a check.'s a copy of her recipe for salmon squares.

Bobby: Salmon Squares!!?! Come to poppa, baby!

meg said...

Why does Bobby have a rat in his left hand?

Peggy Olson said...

Gina looks stressed and haggard in the second panel. Maybe she's finally realized that Bobby in the flesh can never live up to those long years of romantic yearning.

Meg, the image of Mary with a lampshade is priceless! I'm imagine it when she offers her next lecture - ahem - advice.

KitKat said...

Thank you, Meg, for another hilarious post! Finding the Insta Kilt Towel was quite a coup.

Gina's dress with the morphing neckline looks sort of minimalist bridal today, so maybe the marriage ceremony is imminent. Mary is wearing her matron-of-honor pink muumuu, though it's too bad she didn't opt for this one:

Chester the Dog said...

I have never heard of anyone renting a huge mansion just to announce their engagement. OR anyone flying across the country to sit in a rented mansion just to hear someone announce their engagement.

Chester the Dog said...

If you look closely,you can see Gina's ponytail in the middle bottom window.

birdie said...

Chester, I've never heard of it either. It sounds pretty egotistical to me. The whole world revolves around them and their legendary love for each other.

Now everybody who was invited knows they have to give an engagement gift. And a shower gift. And a wedding gift.

Maybe we'll be lucky and Gina will get cold feet and become another runaway bride. We know Moy gets her ideas from the newspaper. She just makes things so ridiculous nobody can believe there is any basis in reality.

Gina said...

Bobby and Gina: worst poets ever.

heydave said...

Have I mentioned "gack" lately?

LouiseF said...

If I remember correctly, one of the reasons the happy couple was originally separated (several plotlines ago, way last year) had something to do with Gina's family having to go into the witness protection program. So what happened with that? Suddenly Gina's in the public eye, and there's no consequences? Not even any Secret Service there to protect her or Bobby??! (Well, I guess we know where THEY are. . . )If plots are going to wind on forever, at least tie up the loose ends. It rocks my world too much to have to think about this. . .

Antionette said...

Thank goodness the stripes on Bobby's tie knot have remained consistent..we would all be dizzy by now.

Shmoopie said...

Well there goes my theory of minor characters, such as Bobbina, having their 15 minutes of Worthiverse fame (3-5 months in human time) and disappearing forever.

On the plus side, we can all hope for Jill "Gogo Boots" Black or Liza "Award-winning sales person of the year" Colby or Nola "Mrs. Hobo" Wolvenson to reemerge from suspended animation in the future.

My only beef with resurrecting these characters is that OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BE BORING!!! The first Bobby-Gina story of lost and rediscovered love was hard enough to stomach, but I'm not sure I can take it a second time around.

Come on, Moy and Giella, give us Action! Drama! A Vengeful Mob storming this suburban castle! ...or puppies. Puppies would be nice. But enough already with the face-touching and endless thought bubbles and declarations of undying love!

meg said...

Bobby seems to have a tat on his right hand, and a rat in his left hand. 'With this rat (and this tat), I thee wed." And what's with that tiny man attached to Mary's back?

Dartpaw86 said...

About my previous comment about the people in the background being turned to stone.

I have concluded that Mary is secretly a Gorgon and can turn off and on her power at will.

Vicki said...

Meg, I do hope Mary recovers from that broken hip in time to catch her flight back to Santa Royale! (Those steps up the jet-way can be a real "B"!)

It's pretty darn pathetic these two borrowed a MANSION for their "Big Announcement" and only six people showed up! Where are Bobby's teammates? Where is the paparazzi? Where is the stadium cleaning staff?
And yes...Mary,ever frugal, would HATE for all that uncorked wine to go to waste! So...

Barbara Hanson said...

David Letterman's looking pretty unhappy in panel two.

Sandi Ego said...

Gina looks like she's posing with a slighty-smaller-than-life cardboard cutout in panel one. Yet another menacing spiky plant right behind Gina. Why do all the Worthiverse plants, trees, and flowers look like they are drawn by someone who has never seen one in real life, only had them described to him in vague terms?

Anonymous said...

Goo...Gina apparently only looks attractive at the end of a 10-foot pole.

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