Monday, May 14, 2012

Your Attendance Was Appreciated

Dear Mary,

Thank you for attending my surprise wedding! Without you, Bobby and I would never have reunited. It was such a relief not to have any paparazzi there. Believe me, we've been so lucky avoiding the paparazzi. They haven't found us yet, but you'd never believe the lengths we've had to go to keep them from finding us. When we are out in public, Bobby wears sunglasses, and I wear a hat so that they won't recognize my famous ponytail.

I'm glad you were able to use our private worm hole to get back to Santa Royale quickly.

Well, gotta go. I think the paparazzi are staking out our house from across the street. Two big Italian looking guys with broken noses. Paparazzi are so ugly.

Once again, thank you for telling me about the Internet and helping me find my Bobby.


Gina Baroni Jiminez Black.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean we won't be seeing exclusive photos of the wedding in People? How could the pass up such a marketing opportunity? I think they need to hire the Kardashians' publicist. Hina needs to learn what being the wife of a celebrity is all about.

Peggy Olson said...

I'm sure Gina's engraved Thank You note was embossed with the New York Blazes logo and was addressed to "Dear Guest(s)" by her personal assistant.

After all, the wife of a soccer legend is too busy to write out cards!

Vicki said...

those darn groupies and darn paparazzi! They just ruin everything. It's not even safe for a girl to wear a perky ponytail out in public.

birdie said...

Dawn Weston seems very upset to hear that Mary got back so quickly. .

kathyo said...

Looks like Dawn has burned dinner. Again.