Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mary Worth 1,354

We will have to evacuate everyone! Follow me, I'll go first!

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fauxprof said...

"There's water! There's water!"

What did you think was out there, idiot? Gelato?

Meanwhile, one of the chorus members, having found his way to the bridge, sings (with considerable irony):

"Oh, we sail the ocean blue,
snd our saucy ship's a beauty.
We are noble men and true,
and attentive to our duty."

heydave said...

We must evacuate!
Quick, get me my frilly frock!

Mike in Cleveland said...

Evacuate? Do they actually say that? Whatever happened to "abandon ship" ??

Mike in Cleveland said...

I guess I was wrong. The internet's got lots of listings fot the phrase "evacuate the ship." I'll do my research before I harrumph on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I like the anchor on the captain's hat. Looks all nautical and everything.

--Beagle Vet

meg said...

Patsy Captain! Get your tie under control! Chorus Boy appears to have his life jacket on under his very snug shirt.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why anyone would be worried. The time it takes for ANYTHING to happen in the Worthiverse the ship won't sink for weeks.

Mary said...

Who's the guy in the striped shirt? Yesterday he was behind all the screaming passengers, and today he's on the bridge. There's something rather Marcel Marceau about him.

KitKat said...

The cap emblem was awfully indistinct yesterday, even with the enlarged panel provided by Wanders. At first glance today it seemed to be an anchor, but closer examination reveals it to be a cross over a fruit slice. This man is not the captain, he's the cruise chaplain/bartender. No wonder the ship collided with ... WHAT?!?

Thorpnotized said...

It's worse than we thought! In panel two, the background captain's necktie has come out from under his jacket. And it is swinging up, which is against the rules of gravity. If the ship's movement is that violent, everyone would be on the floor... like "the guy in the tux on the floor' from yesterday.

Nance said...

Captain: Everyone to the lifeboats! We must evacuate the ship!

Dawn: See! I told you life was brutal.

Wilbur: This means the line at the buffet will be non-existent! Time for a quick ham sandwich to go...AT LEAST!

TG said...

I wonder if Moy is going to kill off Wilbur. It would certainly help Dawn put things into perspective and then Mary will have the Dear Wendy job full-time.

Dawn will really know the meaning of life is brutal if Wilbur gets stuck like Pooh Bear in the honey tree and they can't get him off the ship.

fauxprof said...

@TG, 6:08 pm: You make a good point. A few weeks ago when Wilbur kept insisting that Mary need take over his job "just for the summer", it seemed a little too pointed to me.

I'd hate to lose Wilbur, because he is the only comic relief this strip has. However, we should not put it past Moy to really bludgeon Dawn with guilt.

heydave said...

Wow, you people are playing eleventy seven dimensions of chess with this!

But I like it!

Dawn can return to the site of Wilbur's burial at sea and toss a ham sandwich into the foamy waves.

And she'll be pregnant!!1!

Vicki said...

I think Giorgio is some big-shot Italian movie producer and these are all actors. At any moment the director will step out and yell "CUT!" And then Dawn will snap out her funk and realize what an awesome life she has after all! And then she'll go watch some Game of Thrones and Wilbur will eat a sandwich.

Sandi Ego said...

Reading the Vanity Fair (May) article about Costa Concordia. Passengers commented that the crash felt like an earthquake, described the dishes flying in the dining room, that the lights went out, then the emergency lights came on, everyone headed to deck 4 for the life boats, the captain said "$%^&*, I didn't see it!"
Really, Karen Moy?

TG said...

Fauxprof, I will be so crushed if she offs Wilbur. I'd probably stop reading it, because the Wilbur arcs are always the best (well, maybe with the exception of Aldo, but he was before I discovered MW).

Sandi Ego, this whole reenactment of the Costa Concordia disaster is in such poor taste. I don't even want to think of what tragedy she's thinking of recreating for the next arc.

Sandi Ego said...

OMG, further in the article... "An officer emerged from the engine room itself shouting, "There's water! There's water!...I told him (the captain) we had lost control of the ship."
Be prepared, at the muster station someone really does call out, "Women and children first."

Anonymous said...

Sandi, I just read the VF article and I'm just amazed that Karen Moy is pretty much quoting directly from it..."the engine room, the main switchboard, and the stern section are all flooded!" appears in the article and then in Sunday's strip.

I wonder if Ms. Moy knows that 32 people died on the Costa Concordia, and two of the bodies have not yet been found? I wonder how much more of the article she'll rip off?

This storyline was kind of funny at first...but not any more.

--Beagle Vet