Monday, July 30, 2012

Mary Worth 1,363

Wilbur, please don't try to swim for it. Do not let Dawn talk you into the murky depth of the turbulent ocean with her entrancing siren song! You are by far our favorite character in Mary Worth. You've won two Worthy Awards in a row, and we fully expect you to threepeat in 2012. Do not jump off of that ship!

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Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself, Wanders. He's not MY fav character! I don't care if he drowns. Now the drunk bridesmaid...

Phoebes on vacation typing badly on an iPad

Nance said...

It's okay, everyone! M&G have a set of Wilbur and Dawn Weston Clones ready to go in the bottom right of Panel 2.

It's That Kind of cruise.

KitKat said...

"Other means of escape"? Like closing their eyes, tapping their heels together three times, and repeating, "There's no place like home...there's no place like home..."?

Dawn's necklace, which came and went throughout the Sunday panels, is gone again.

Thorpnotized said...

I, for one, am not convinced that Wilbur is doomed. Remember, there were also helicopter rescues during the Costa Condordia incident. Or perhaps Moy will throw in a school of friendly porpoises to help people like Wilbur swim to the island.

At first, I don't think porpoises were indigenous to the area, but I did find this from CBS News:

"Ever since the Concordia ran aground Jan. 13, fears have swirled about fuel leaks and resulting contamination of the pristine waters off the tiny island of Giglio, which form part of a protected sanctuary for dolphins, whales and porpoises. There have been no reports of any serious leaks."

Not Worthy said...

From July 10:

Mary: Whether it's a failed romance or job disappointment, something good can come from everything that happens... a better viewpoint, a better opportunity.

Toby: Ah yes. The silver lining. Every cloud has one.

If Moy whacks Wilber - then the Silver Lining is
A) Mary getting the "Ask Wendy" job permanently
B) Dawn cashing in the insurance policy

This all because Dawn got dumped by her boyfriend (not even a fiance)? If the only way to get over a boyfriend is by one of your parents dying - there would be no parents at any high school graduations and human race would be extinct in one generation.

Where's the perspective?

Sandi Ego said...

Might as well entertain the doomed with a little pole dancing, Dawn.

Maude Findlay said...

If Wilbur does meet an untimely end, won't that just reinforce Dawn's whole gloomy, ''Life is brutal!'' mentality? Somehow, I'm still thinking a handsome gondolier is going to row up and swoop Dawn & Wilbur away.

TG said...

All I know is this - if I ever take a cruise, I'm bringing my own lifejacket and wearing it the entire time, come heck or high water! (Pun intended)

Anyway, an airlift for Wilbur would be virtually impossible unless it was a really heavy duty copter. Besides, there's still food left for him to munch on! He can't leave now!

fauxprof said...

Moy seems to have departed from the Costa Concordia scenario, where the vast majority of passengers and crew survived, to one in which the death toll approaches that of Titanic. BTW, on real cruise ships, there are bins of life jackets on deck at all lifeboat muster stations. Find one, Wilbur. It will keep you afloat for that hundred yards.

My robot word is prodad. A good omen for Wilbur?

Dave in Parma said...

@KitKat--maybe Wilbur will just wake up and find himself in bed next to Bob Newhart.

Shmoopie said...

I really thought that the klutzy foreshadowing on 6/15 (“It’s just for the summer!”) and 6/16 (“It’ll just be a temporary job until I get back!”) (all appropriately punctuated with Moy’s beloved exclamation marks, of course!) was intended to make us believe that Mary might perhaps become giddy with power and Wilbur would have a hard time wrestling his job back from her upon his return. Suddenly, Wilbur’s return is less certain. It appears that he is doomed at sea. Well played Karen Moy, well played!

A few questions though: Will the column be renamed “Ask Mary?” Will there be an appropriate memorial service at Charterstone bringing other characters back (I’m thinking like in the last Seinfeld episode)? Who will go kite flying with Dawn if she gets hooked on the Interwebs again? How will Dawn cope with her father’s death if she couldn’t get out of her funk over a boy crush? I could go on and on, but I have sandwiches to make.

Vicki said...

I hope Dawn and Wilbur get rescued, not b/c I LIKE them but b/c I worry this might otherwise be some kind of grand finale for Moy and Giella to quit the strip!

Being that Giella is in his eighties...he's not going to be drawing MW forever. And I dunno, Moy may be getting bored with it?)

So yeah, I hope a helicopter comes!

(p.s., I actually do sort of like Wilbur.)

James in North Dakota said...

I'm pretty sure that a posthumous award could be in Wilbur's future, provided that he shuffles off this mortal coil. And even if he does survive, this by far is one of the most out-there storylines. Did we expect it? No sir. So either way, Wilbur will have another Worthy on his mantlepiece. (And then he'll take said Worthy down to the deli to trade for a nice Dagwood sandwich!)

Elaine said...

Nah, I don't think that Wilbur and Dawn are doomed. I think that it is taking a monumental catastrophe and the death of fellow passengers for Dawn to finally realize that life isn't brutal, death is.... Could Moy get any more crass??

Limber Joe said...

Sure. Started to feel bad about the Westons. Then I remembered that they are a CARTOON!

Anti-machine code word is "altsaga". Nice!

David in Rapid City, SD said...

Why do you show everyone leaving the sinking ship going into the water head first? That's how most spinal injuries occur. You should go feet first if you don't know what's underneath. Yet comics and movies always show it head first.A good way to become paralyzed.
David in Rapid City, SD