Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mary Worth 1,387

"People are great. I love when people help people. Because people need people. They're the luckiest people. Also, could I please have a napkin to wipe the water off my father's chest?"

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Peggy Olson said...

Wow, so much happened after the rescue. I'm sure the Italian villagers were fascinating characters, living in colorful seaside cottages.

Gee, that would have been great to see -- if only Giella could draw something other than food blobs and chin napkins!

New song on the Charterstone Jukebox has to be "People" by Barbra Streisand! Let's dedicate it to the victims of Costa Concordia.

birdie said...

I thought Dawn had come out unscathed, but now I see something has happened to her back. She has become stooped. (Pronounce that any way you like.)

I wonder if she should sue the ship line, or perhaps the helicopter personnel who lifted her up in an unconventional way, as I recall, without a proper backstrap.

On the other hand, maybe she should sue the colorist. The backstrap was apparently there, but was lost in the bad coloring job.

Toots McGee said...

Dawn isn't stooped, she's in mid-giggity!

Punky said...

Wilbur is certainly glued to that drinking glass. Must be drinking liquid sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

The dining table has been removed. Things are about to get disturbingly intimate.

fauxprof said...

Mary's expression is supposed to be one of happy benevolence. Personally, I think she's totally wasted. (Told ya it was vodka in her water glass.)

Paul said...

We hadn't eaten anything since our dinner was interrupted on the cruise.

We're so hungry we ate the table. Sorry, Mary.

meg said...

So, Wilbur is a ventriloquist...

heydave said...

I got nothin' today, but you kids breake me up!

Much like Dawn!

(OK, I got a little...)

Thorpnotized said...

Time to get out the silver polish, Dawn. Your heart pendant had become tarnished.

Wilbur must hold onto that glass, as there is no longer a table on which to put it down.

Anonymous said...

So which Vanity Fair article will Moy use next from the same magazine?

Will Mary meet Aaron Sorkin? Will Dawn replace GOT with reruns of SNL? Will Dr. Jeff treat Hugh Laurie at the hospital? Who knows?

KitKat said...

Great comments today, everyone!

I'm fascinated by how Dawn's bodice changes from day to day. Is this a by-product of having one's faith in people restored? It even gives one's clothing a new lease on life.

With this tortured plot limping to the finish, I suppose something is waiting for next week. Will we return to Mountainview Hospital and the Drs. Cory, or will some longtime Charterstone chum of Mary's whom we've never seen surface with a problem?

Nance said...

Wilbur looks--disturbingly so--as if he is drinking from a baby's bottle. Urk.

Mary also looks like she's just not buying it in that panel. She knows, as well as we do, that Dawn is full of it, and so is this plotline.

But I still love how it is all over the place and repetitive.

Today's Secret Word: "people."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Dawn's faith was restored... again

Is that anything like the repeating of a story? ...again?

Anonymous said...


Dave in Parma said...

Why is Wilbur talking through a toilet paper tube? New plot spoiler: Mary's hearing is going bad.

The villagers had extra room to offer for shelter due to losing our poor 'Aiutio!' girl. Not enough room for Wilbur though.

Did Wilbur sub prosciutto for ham on his sandwiches while overseas?

Peggy Olson said...

Dave in Parma:
Prosciutto and very green flavorful vegetables.

Anonymous said...

Wilbur didn't mention that Mary's blobs of glop were flavorful . . .

katyb said...

So many questions...
Did people help each other?
What was Giorgio's favor?
Did people help each other?
What happened to Wilbur's knee/shin?
Did people help each other?
What did the captain not see?
Did people help each other?
What happened to little "Mama Aiuto" girl"
Did people help each other? Did they? Seriously, I am not too sure.
Also, what happened to the $50K Adrian gave to Ted "He Calls Me Queenie" Confey?
So many, many questions.
Perhaps I'll ask Wendy.