Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mary Worth 1,412


Let's count the ways Dawn's life has become more meaningful: 1) She has volunteered for college credit at the hospital for almost an entire hour. 2) She has successfully completed the volunteer orientation program. 3) She has had a conversation with a person who is different than herself.

Can life get any more meaningful than that?

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Peggy Olson said...

I've been away for two weeks and am relieved to find that face touching has continued in my absence.

Someone has already noticed Mister One-Arm's resemblance to Mary. I totally agree! He's got to be Mary's long-lost Love Child. Now, that's a great storyline!

Mike in Cleveland said...

Ah, when God closes a door, He opens a window. Let's review how that window got opened:

Dawn gets dumped.

Wilbur spends upwards of $10,000 to try to cheer her up.

30--40 people lose their lives.

A shipping company loses a multi-billion dollar ship.

All this so that Dawn can get another blond boyfriend.

Hmph--Reminds me of Dave.

fauxprof said...

Are we there yet? I truly hope that this is mission accomplished, and Dawn and Jim will disappear until their wedding, after which they will disappear completely. Think about it. Has anyone seen Dr. Adrian and policeman-whatsisname since they turned down the honeymoon in Bora Bora or wherever? Marriage is the Worthiverse's great void from whence none return.

KitKat said...

So, true loves blooms amidst the hospital cafeteria sandwiches, and in what was about 4 minutes 17 seconds. Will this be the end of "Dawn's Quest for Meaning" (so succinctly summarized by Mike in Cleveland!), or will we have a week of Wilbur thanking Mary?

I'm really ticked off that there are no background people in today's strip.

Toby's Evil Clown said...

I hope a satellite falls from the sky and flattens Dawn.

Nance said...

Dawn, who earlier said that they had similar experiences, today remarks that she "can't compare her experience to Aryan's." Sigh. Okay.

Her Quest, prompted by Mary, consisted of being badgered to volunteer. Dawn's answer was "I'll think about it", bolstered by the doubts of Wilbur, who said "I don't know if she should because of her full schedule at college."

Dawn finally signed on at Mountview Hospital because she got college credit and something to eat after orientation.

NOW...she has met a bipolar, one-armed Aryan guy who is trawling for chicks who dress like the elderly.

In the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the second panel's inking looks like he has tears in his eyes. PLEASE TELL ME THAT THIS IS INTENTIONAL. It would be perfect.

Mike in Cleveland and fauxprof--your comments today are excellent.

heydave said...

Aren't we overdue for a rowdy, drunken Jill Black outburst right about now? I know I am.

Joolz said...

Yesterday, Dawn "experienced something similar!"

Today, Dawn "can't compare [her] experience" to that of the young, accident-prone Bill Clinton.

What will tomorrow bring?

Thorpnotized said...

To Wanders - But did she really eat that sandwich from Sunday, or did it simply disappear like so many other things in the Worthiverse?

Judith A. Johnson said...

arsembo350I just about threw up. This is the worst story ever!!
Sorry, preaching to the choir, but it's almost to the point where everyone's witty comments cannot overcome the jaw dropping inanity of this strip.
Trouble is, I know I can't quit her. Sigh.

Carlye said...

I am longing for the days when we had a drunken Rita breaking Mary's cheesy glass swans. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow Dawn will show up with her arm in a sling so that she can relate better to Jim. Then she'll ask him where one-armed people like to shop. (second-hand stores)

katyb said...

OK. I am too lazy to do this...but shouldn't there be a "Thought-bubble-to-Dawn-appearance" equation to go with this strip?

Whenever there is a Dawn Love Interest (very loose use of the word love) there is an explosion of Love Thought Bubbles. Dr. Drew comes to mind.

Also, pinned-arm Jim looks like meddlin' Mary. That's totally freaking me out.