Monday, September 24, 2012

Mary Worth 1,416

Fight on and on ye Local men
Sons of Local fathers
We will win again
Keep your spirits high
Never bow a knee
We will fight till victory

Fight on and on ye Local men
Proudly raise your banners high
For it's the Pink and Mauve
Hail to our team
Santa Royale Locals fight!

(My apologies to SDSU.)

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fauxprof said...

Jim's an elementary school teacher? That would mean there are children in Santa Royale, which comes as a surprise. Even Emily the kidnap victim had to be imported from Goleta.

The name of Jim's school is intriguing: Santa Royale Peak Elementary. Kinda sounds like a learning skills center. Is Jim's pride in his "kids" due to the fact that they are special needs students. Now THAT would be a really interesting the hands of anyone but Karen Moy.

Nance said...


Jim is so proud of his kids that Dawn, searching for meaning and fulfillment in her life, decides to chuck her Whatever Random Major and become...*A Teacher* after happily visiting him in his Happy, Proud Environment!

fauxprof--Love the observation re: kids and Santa Royale. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Their faces are morphing into something disturbing. Jim is morphing into a cat/lizard face and Dawn's forehead is shrinking into some Cro-Magnon type of beast.

Bonnie's Enchanted Credit Card said...

Karen Moy, PLEASE reveal that Jim is an escaped mental patient and he has lured Dawn outside to chop her up and mail her to all ends of the world. Life is brutal.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Your website is very interesting, Nance. I signed up to subscribe.

heydave said...

Am I having a stroke or is this whole storyline/artwork/whatev morphing into a very great unpleasantry?

Paul said...

I take classes at the local university, but it's been so long since I've been there that I can't remember the name of the local university.

KitKat said...

Wanders, I love the fight song!

@Bonnie's Enchanted Credit Card, we can only hope. Jim is extending his hand toward Dawn in the first panel; maybe he's practicing to push her off a cliff.

Since Dawn's formerly brutal life has now changed into one of sunshine, lollipops, and roses, will she ditch the volunteering gig? And, are we still on the grounds of Mountview Hospital? It looks like we're somewhere in the boondocks of Santa Royale, with a frame house in the background.

Dave in Parma said...

I was hoping Dan would respond (in her best William Shatner voice), "I'm a volunteer Jim! Not a doctor!" as she wanders the dizzying M.C. Escher-esque landscape.

I was really expecting that path yesterday to lead them down from the exit to the second floor.

Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying getting to know Dawn and Jim better. More, please.

Mary said...

Does anyone besides my 77-year-old father still call it grade school?

KitKat said...

Good call by @Mary at 1:56 PM. Maybe Joe Giella tied up Karen Moy in a closet and is also writing the strip.

TeacherPatti said...

Nance, I absolutely love your description of NCLB and GWB on your Twitter blogger page!

I am a special needs teacher and it would, under normal circumstances, be wonderful to see a storyline that gives Dawn a "what for". I'd love for her to see some kids who are blind or deaf or with low cognitive abilities but who still rock it out. It would be charming to see her get smacked in the head (figuratively) for getting her panties in a wad over some dork breaking up with her when other folks have REAL problems.

This being Moy's world however we will likely see Dawn ditch her university/volunteer/career plans and marry Jim so they can live "happily ever after" (cuz that works out so well)

Nance said...

phoebes in santa fe & TeacherPatti--
Thanks so much for the kind words.

Wanders, sorry the Comments got hijacked a bit.

Sandi Ego said...

I'm an SDSU grad and I didn't recognize the song. Didn't make it to many Aztec games, I was too busy meeting guys at the hospital cafeteria.