Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mary Worth 1,420

Ghost pie. Delicious, but awkward. Dawn's fork has gone missing, and now her plate is starting to split apart. Her only option is to hold things together with her thumb.

Want to see something ironic?

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fauxprof said...

Now, that's an "unkth" face if ever I saw one. Remember, Dawn actually was about to take a bite of that pie yesterday. I hope the scent of it stopped her.

I see they traded out the old orange couch for a yellowish one. Too many sad and brutal memories. (They kept the cushions, though.)

Mike in Cleveland said...

Is this it? Is this what we've been led to? The Final Platitude, "Once you know better, you can do better". All of that, for this?

Cue the string section.

Anonymous said...


Peggy Olson said...

Regret nothing, Mary? What about the time spent reading this storyline - only to have it end in ambiguous cliches?

"How long will this go on?" Wilbur asked. Longer than you can possibly imagine!

Gotta go. My ghost pie is floating away.

meg said...

As Mary and Dawn pick daintily at their pieces of Pond's cold cream pie, Jim continues with his therapy. Today he is in the office of a psychological counselor, filling out questionaires for his counselor to analyze:

1. What's another name for policemen?
Jim's answer: "gendarmes"

2. What is the most famous artwork in the Louvre?
"Venus deMilo"

2. Worst McCartney song?
"Hands Across the Water"

4. Most famous G.B. Shaw play?
"Arms and the Man"

5. Greatest James Taylor hit?

6. Favorite classical Greek allusion?
"Arms of Morpheus"

7. Favorite British Invasion Song?
"Ferry Cross the Mersey"

8. Greatest Harrison Ford movie?

9. Most dangerous issue facing our country?
"Arms race"

10. Favorite U.S. Senator?
"Daniel Inouye"

11. Best character in children's literature?
"Captain Hook."

12. Favorite holiday?
"Armistice Day"

13. Who maintains order in the U.S. Senate?
"Sergeant at arms"

14. What did the captain shout when the ferry crashed?
" 'All hands on deck!' "

Alarmed at some of Jim's responses, the counselor calls in Dr. Kimble for consultation.

Dr. Kimble: "This is very, very shocking. Everyone knows that 'Silly Love Songs' is McCartney's worst song. And I wouldn't want to live in a world that didn't recognize 'Six Days, Seven Nights' as Harrison Ford's greatest film. This Jim character is very disturbed. I think we'd better send for Dr. Jeff Cory- he'll be able to handle this situation."

Dr. Cory: "Can't help you- my hands are pretty full with other cases now. Try Dr. Ben Casey."

Dr. Casey: " Sorry, I have too many cases. Try Dr. Drew Cory."

Dr. Drew: " Everyone wants a piece of me. I'd like to give you a hand, but I can't."

The counselor reviews her options- there's only one person to call.

Mary Worth: "I'll be right over."

Nance said...

I love how Mary turns to face The Readers in today's strip so that we all may benefit from her wisdom.

Regret Nothing! It's an attitude like that which will get you no leniency from the judge at your murder trial.

Probably, Mary is paraphrasing Julia Child, who said "Never apologize" when it came to serving your cooking. By the looks of her Culinary Specialities, it's a philosophy she needs to cling to like Grim Death.

Thorpnotized said...

meg, I'm surprised you forgot...

15. Favorite World War I novel?
"A Farewell to Arms"

meg said...

Thorpnotized-someone else used that one a few days ago!

Delilah said...

A scary photo of creepy people to Mary's left today. Who are these creatures?

AnnieMouse said...

Did anyone notice that really weird framed "photo" in panel one?? It looks like, from front to back: the elephant man as a child, Casper the not-so-friendly (or happy) ghost and the grim reaper who is giving him a strange hug.

AnnieMouse said...

Oops! Sorry Delilah. Didn't realize you beat me to the observation. Great minds think alike, I suppose! ;-)

Nance said...

RE: The photo

I get a sort of Rasputin vibe from the guy in the back.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... just like Rasputin, this plot line WILL NOT DIE...

KitKat said...

No matter what she says, Mary should regret that her pie matches her hair - ugh. That might have something to do with Dawn's "unkth" face.

fauxprof said...

Wow, I hadn't noticed the strange little picture. I'm getting a group of characters from Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas". One of Dawn's favorite movies in her deeply disturbed childhood? (We are in Dawn and Wilbur's condo, right? The shifting space-time continuum of the Worthiverse gets confusing sometimes.)

Anonymous said...

Just a thought . . . what if Jim has a wife? Poor Dawn. More brutal heartbreak.

Anonymous said...

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? If I whine enough will you PLEASE STOP THIS CAR?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Quick, when was the last time Mary wasn't wearing pearls?