Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mary Worth 1,449

Then by all means, Dawn, give it your best shot. Life is short.

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Punky said...

I love that looming shot of Jim rising out of Dawn's shoulder in today's strip. He's gone from innocuously one-armed to menacing, As lame as this plotline is, I am pleased to see that Jim is apparently being given a second characteristic (overprotective/stalkerish), rather than just being the Mary Worth Character With a Physical Disability.

I have to say, it is such a relief to come back and catch up on Mary Worth after days without power. (We finally got electricity back at 6 AM on Saturday, in lower west Manhattan.) A few times throughout the week I found myself wondering if I was missing anything big in Mary Worth, but then comforted myself by thinking, 'nah, by this point, the only thing that has happened is that Mary has weighed in.' Glad to see my prediction skills didn't get washed away with Sandy.

Punky said...

Too funny. Just realized that looming figure was Mary, not Jim!

Nance said...

@Punky--Glad you're okay. That's a long time without power...AND Mary Worth!

As Punky pointed out, Mary's resemblance to Jim makes many of US uneasy.

Let's see how things are shaking out with Dawn's relationship with Jim.

Dawn: Jim makes me uncomfortable. He is overprotective, fearful of water, and my resemblance to his dead sister gives me the creeps. But, gosh darn it, I LIKE him. And I want to help him.

Mary: Then go for it. It's the right thing to do. Especially if it's on your Bucket List.

Holy crap. What a lot of baloney. (Which Mary has probably made into cupcakes.)

Sandi Ego said...

Jim should offer to take Dawn on a cruise and see how she reacts.
How exactly does Dawn plan to "help" poor Jim anyway? I'm curious if the kitchen doings are in preparation for a meal with Jim. A hearty dose of kelk and flak and suddenly the water isn't the scariest thing you can think of.
Punky, glad to hear you're OK!

Anonymous said...

Dawn will continue to "help" Jim because:

a) Mary told her to do so and you don't dare go against her wishes
b) Jim reminds Dawn a little of Dave (Dave did have a right arm)
c) Dawn currently has no better prospect for a boyfriend
d) Dawn won't receive college credit if she stops "volunteering"
e) Moy is sadistic and thoroughly enjoys punishing us all
f) all of the above

Vicki said...

glad to hear you're ok, Punky!