Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mary Worth 1,456

All week, I have regretted that I was unable to post on Monday's strip, which I think was one of my favorites all year. Here it is in its entirety:

Is it any wonder where Karen Moy gets her inspiration?

Just compare the diologue in this scene from the timeless "Casablanca," with this diaologue from today's unfettered-by-the-restraints-of-time "Mary Worth."

And things have been the same for quite some time now.

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KitKat said...

Dialogue for Dawn that didn't make the cut because no one believes that Dawn pays the slightest attention to current events: "Golly, Jim, what do you mean by 'good together'? That wouldn't be in the Petraeus-Broadwell sense, would it?"

I'm trying to figure out if Jim is going to stab Dawn with that peculiar soda straw or insert it in his nostril in a desperate attempt to get Dawn to change her mind, e.g., "If you don't say yes, I'll hurt myself!"

Toots McGee said...

That's it! I'm going to Rick's Place and I'm gonna drink dry lime rickeys until I can't see straight! C'mon ususual suspects, grab your letters of transit and meet me there. If the mood is right, I'll play a trumpet solo for As Time Goes By on a plastic novelty kazoo.

I'm sorry if I'm rambling. I banged my head on a low hanging marquee.

We'll always have Burford's! I wore purple and you wore your heart on your sleeve. No, not the sleeve pinned to your shoulder. That's where you wear your grief and wildly erratic concern.

Not since Overdrawn at the Memory Bank has the memory of Casablanca been so thoroughly covered in a tepid cheese sauce.

Speaking of sauce, see you all at Rick's.

Nance said...

Oh, Toots. I'd follow you anywhere after a Comment like that!

What is UP with those aggressive sodas? They are really trying hard to steal the LIMElight.

Sorry, that's all I've got. I've soured on this storyline.

Take it away...Dave!

fauxprof said...

Oh, yeah, the good ol' "Let's just be friends" line. The only worse thing to say in these circumstances would be "I love you like a brother". Either way, unstable, mood-swinging Jim is probably not going to take it well.

Santa Royale City Ordinance: In public, all children under the age of fifty must drink from sippy cups.

Mike in Cleveland said...

Hey wait a minute: Jim teaches. Then he's graduated from a state teacher's college and has some experience at teaching. That means he's in his mid-twenties at youngest. Dawn, we have been informed more than once, is still a teenager.

Talk about creepy and unstable...

toytuba said...

UWhy do I open the paper every day to read this nonsense? My WV may have the answer: "ssucker"

LouiseF said...

In a poignant illustration of where their relationship is going, I notice that in panel 1 Dawn and Jim are standing at the corner of (street sign) Nowhere and Nowhere. .. .

Brick said...

I looked it up. Dry Lime Soda is packaged in a traditional bottle. The bottles pictured here are refillable souvenir cups or eco-friendly glass bottles from, the type of bottles used by today's youth.

Good to know that Dawn isn't anywhere near a wine glass while she's downtown being propositioned by an unstable hospital outpatient in his twenties. It's perfectly safe if there's no wine glass.

Still, I'd feel more at ease if her friend would control his straw.

Dave in Parma said...

At least Dawn didn't say "I love you like a sister" because we may have been confronted with Jim's awkward reply of "Exactly!"

Anonymous said...

So Jim payed for the movie and drink - that makes it a date, right? But Dawn just wants to be friends.

Jim and Dawn really are turning into a young version of Dr. Jeff and Mary.

Does Mary look like Dr. Jeff's sister?

katyb said...

I think Dawn is turning into Mary "I'm happy with the way things are" Worth. And I'm fine with that. The pupil follows the master. But what's really weirding me out is that straw by Armless Guy's face. If he had two arms, he could hold up two Dry Lime Sodas, with straws, and those straws would make him look even more liplessly insectoid than he looks now. Ick.