Monday, November 19, 2012

Mary Worth 1,461

That plate would be perfect for Jim! It comes with its own hand to feed you pie!

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Peggy Olson said...

Fun Thanksgiving Game! While the family is gathered around the table, everyone try to hold their forks in the same position as Dawn and Mary.

The one who doesn't drop their plate - and can actually eat a bite - wins!

Punky said...

So happy to see Dawn resplendent in purple again. However, "and you don't? why?" caused me to groan out loud. All MW readers KNOW why. We just suffered through days of "why." Now we're in for another week of it?

fauxprof said...

Mmmmmm, chocolate pie! Finally, some appetizing food in MW...oh, who am I kidding. It's probably livercream or something.

Since Moy reintroduced the Casablanca motif last week, I've been rueful, in a could of done it better sense. So, please grant me your indulgence?

You must remember this
The stories that we dis
Are plotlines doomed to die
The fundamental things apply
As time crawls by.

And when two lovers woo
There's really nothing new
To catch an artist's eye
Uncle Joe will go awry
As time crawls by.

Diner and Park Bench
Instruments of fate
Kelkies and ghost pie
Casseroles we hate
Toby paints clowns
And Dawn can't get a date
That no one can deny.

The plot continues glacial
And Wilbur grows more spatial
While eating ham on rye
Miss Moy will always welcome drivel
As time crawls by.

Bum Boat and Mountview
Never change a bit
Ian's a bore
And Dr. Drew's a twit
Dr. Jeff sighs
'Cause Mary won't commit
That no one can deny.

It's still the same old story
And Mary's in her glory
'Cause people ask her why
Bad comics happen to good bloggers
As time crawls by.

Nance said...

I feel like Mary hasn't been listening to Dawn. Didn't they go over all of this during their Bake-Off when they created the Triple Bacon Lemon Potato Chip Casserole?

And why is Mary, who advocates the "Let's Leave Things As They Are" relationship status with her beau, being so pushy about One-Armed Jim?

On another note, it's nice that Mary feels she has mastered Ghost Pie and can move on to something with more...substance.

Punky said...

BRAVO to fauxprof - hilarious!!

KitKat said...

@fauxprof, your lyrics are inspired! I'll get a head start on Thanksgiving - I'm thankful for Wanders, this blog, and all its contributors. Thanks to all of you for brightening my mornings! And, thanks to Ms. Moy and Mr. Giella, too, for giving us such fabulous material. Where would we be without those two?

I wondered why Dawn was using tweezers to eat pie, but a second look confirmed that she is holding a baby utensil. Makes perfect sense when Dawn's maturity level is factored in.

I hope Mary invites Jim to her Thanksgiving feast: "Jim, can you carve the turkey while Dawn serves the kelk-yam pudding?"

Dave in Parma said...

Good morning all. Great appetizer Fauxprof to Thursday's heaping portion of platitude.

Why Mary?:
--because Jim only has one arm.
--because I'm following your example with Doctor Jeff.
--because he doesn't like ham sandwiches
--because he's creepy
--because it would cut into my time volunteering, taking class, and eating pie on your couch
--because otherwise this plotline would move along

heydave said...

I really can't stand the pure tension this story incites in me!

Shmoopie said...

I was all bummed out when I saw today's strip, moaning quietly to myself that now we'd be in for yet another week of couch-sitting, pie-eating and platitude-spouting. How dreadful! But then I remembered that I don't come here for the "art" or the "story" but merely for the creative contributions of you blog people. Such wit! Such creativity! Endless entertainment!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dawn, about your volunteering, how's that workin' out for ya?

tuowl74 said...

Panel one-no forks.
Panel two-forks.

Gina said...

A standing ovation for fauxprof!

meg said...

Let's all give fauxprof a big round of applause--not so fast, Jim.

Wanders said...

Oh, fauxprof, I sang it out loud. Twice. I know what song I'm learning next on my ukulele.

Sandi Ego said...

Absolutely loving the pink bamboo framing Mary's window!
And loving fauxprof's lyrics :)

Anonymous said...

Fauxprof FTW with the lyrics! Inspired!

--Beagle Vet

Anonymous said...

Doesn't "He wants to become MORE than friends." mean "He wants to have sex with someone who looks just like his dead sister, namely me."? Creepy.

And Mary's response is only, "And you don't? Why not?" Creepier.