Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mary Worth 1,469

After several weeks of not changing her clothes, Dawn is off to purchase the next season of King of Thrones. Or is it Game of Thrones? Whatever. I certainly won't take the time to Google it.

Fortunately, the Video Store is on the Pier where she will find Jim facing his demons. The suspense is killing me.

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Mike in Cleveland said...

Dawn IS off to The Pier where she will have a brief ceremony and toss in a wreath shaped like a prosthetic arm.

fauxprof said...

Inspired by the brilliance of Dave from Parma, and with apologies to the late Mel Torme:

Ghost Pies roasting on an open fire
Bloggers laughing up their nose
Charterstone sinking into the mire
And girls dressed up
In purple clothes
Everybody knows
Some cliches and some platitudes
Help us all to see the light
Surly folks with bad attitudes
Wait for one to make things right.

They know that Mary's on her way
She's loaded big gray books
To quote from on her sleigh
And all the Worthiverse
Is gonna try
To by the first in line
To ask the reasons "why?"

And so I'm offering
This simple phrase
To Wanders and his happy crew
I doubt it's been said
any time, any way:
Mary Worthness,
Mary Worthness--
To you!

Mike in Cleveland said...

Brava, fauxprof!

Contributors like you are why I get up in the morning!

Judith A. Johnson said...

Ditto what mike said!

Nance said...

Bravo, fauxprof! My favorite part is the second verse.

Is Dawn going through an interior or exterior door? Will she leave for THE PIER, the hospital, Jim's school, or just her room to hop onto Netflix and stream "Game of Thrones"?

And how dumb is it that she hasn't just gone to her volunteer job at the hospital and seen him there? In "several weeks" he would have had to show up for therapy.

I know, I know. What am I trying to do, apply Real World Logic to the Worthiverse? Duh. How dumb is it that...sigh.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that we missed Dawn texting and voice-mailing Jim over and over for the past several weeks without getting a response? Did Dawn think the friendship was still intact as long as she was pinging Jim? Did Dawn forget to check his facebook/facetime (or whatever Moy called it) - wasn't she addicted to it at one time? I feel we've missed so much.

@fauxprof - very nice lyrics

kathyo said...

Isn't this how the story began 7 months ago?

Hermite said...

Fauxprof, that was great. And Dave's, 12 Days of a Karen Moy Christmas (they just last and feel like 25) was, too. Wanted to tell all you commenters here how much I enjoy what you write. You make me laugh every morning. I read many blogs, but the only 2 I also read the comments on are here and Ysac.

Bless you, Wanders, for your sense of humor and for letting these people have some free rein. I think there are sometimes comments that make you uncomfortable, but you let them stay, for the humor. And the wisdom.

Bless you all. May you live long and prosper. And keep on writing.

I just posted this in yesterday's comments, by mistake, because it's today. Cheers!

Wanders said...

No Hermite. I will delete things that are not family friendly enough. But thank you for your encouraging words.

Mike in Cleveland said...

@Nance from yesterday,

"Kelk" was a product name printed on a box on Mary Worth's cupboard. No one knows what it is. We suspect it is some kind of ground grain. She probably bought it from the same store that sells "Flak," another mystery product she has been seen to use.

I'm at work right now, so I can't research it further, but if anyone knows what episode number (Wanders number?), help us out...

Sandi Ego said...

Wilbur, Dawn is in mourning. You should cheer her up with a vacation! Cairo is lovely this time of year. Museums, cafes, a walking tour of Tahrir Square...

Patrice said...

Kelk and Flak must come from IKEA?

Dave in Parma said...

Well versed Fauxprof!

I'm pleased we are able to fast forward through 3 weeks of texts and voice mails, but our progress reminds me of the scene in Monty Python's Holy Grail where the troupe storming the castle perpetually seems across the field.

Delilah said...

There IS a Kelk webpage:

And their slogan is:

Good, Better, KELK!

heydave said...

@fauxprof: brilliant! Makes me forget the pain of circling the Drain That Is Dawn, seemingly endlessly.

Anonymous said...

Sunday - after several weeks Jim regenerated his left arm?!?!?

KitKat said...

I've been away from the blog for a couple of days, so I just caught up on everyone's comments from Friday and Saturday. What a talented, hilarious group you are, from Wanders on down! Thanks to all of you.

On to Sunday's strip - what a treasure-trove of unique MW moments, beginning with Jim's head in a bubble, the Seagulls of Love, pointing fingers, etc. Dawn's daisy looks like one of those novelties that spray water into the face of an unwitting person. Too bad she threw it so forcefully over the side of the pier before Jim's entrance.

Anyone else wondering at the significance of Jim's sleeve not being pinned? Is this a metaphor for his emotional healing, or did his arm grow back?

Dave in Parma said...

@KitKat: unpinned sleeve = lost wallet

fauxprof said...

In a burst of speed therapy, both mental and physical, in a matter of mere weeks, the following has transpired:

Jim has overcome his phobia concerning THE PIER.

He has been cured of his mood swings, anger issues, feelings of inadequacy, and (ahem) sister fixations.

He has been fitted with a prosthesis, hopefully bionic.

And is now ready to be a docile, just-friends Dr. Jeff clone.

Can we have a new Dawn-free storyline now, please?

kathyo said...

Is it psycho Jim...or is it Dave? I can't tell them apart now that they each have two arms.

And I thought that "Here's looking at you, kid" meant goodbye. Is Dawn about to sleep with the fishes?

Thorpnotized said...

Dawn hasn't heard from Jim for weeks because he has been focusing all of his time and energy on regenerating a new arm!

Ben said...

Maybe you shouldn't be so hard on game of thrones for making a cameo at Dawn's appartment