Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mary Worth 1,491

Mary's word contribution is lovely as well. She makes beautiful sentences as well as cravat knots.

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fauxprof said...

Yes, his cake looked lovely! Tasted like styrofoam coated with pink Play-Doh, but it was really beautiful to look at.

heydave said...

Just how does one make a lovely hotel? Or make a hotel lovely?

Mary, the leftover nog is strong with you.

Toots McGee said...


He made the hotel and he offered the cake, both of which were lovely. (The cake was lovely and beautiful and the hotel was lovely and quaint. Maybe John Dill should attempt to design a quaint cake.)

Why did Toby and Ian stay downtown? Were they trying to avoid Mary? Did they need to vacate their condo while a crew came in to clean up the mess Toby made when she retiled the kitchen?

Is Toby's tracksuit from the Six Million Dollar Man collection?

Gina said...

Mr. Dill makes lovely hotels.

Excuse me while I crawl off into a corner somewhere and weep over Mary's sentence structure.

Anonymous said...

There's Mary jumping to conclusions again. She has seen a total of ONE cake - the giant pink unicorn monstrosity.

Same for the hotel - he managed ONE hotel, not "hotels." Mary needs to do more snooping around before taking anyone else's, especially Toby's, opinion at face value.

Mary must have been pounding back a few too many kelk nogs yesterday.

KitKat said...

I wonder if the Santa Royale Garden Hotel was where the New York Blazes stayed, when Gina attempted to contact Bobby. I remember the bellboy, whose uniform was sort of quaint (if being reminiscent of old Lucky Strike commercials counts as quaint). He was not lovely, though.

Mary said...

@Toots, I like your Steve Austin reference.

What's up with panel one? Are those cut-out Mary and Toby heads stuck on random, tracksuit-clad bodies? The angles and dimensions are all wrong. Their heads are as awkward as Mary's lovely sentence about lovely hotels or lovely cakes, or something.

Pink unicorn cakes remind me of Dave.

fauxprof said...

On Hearing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" Once Too Often This Season...

Mary, the white-haired meddler
Loved to give her friends advice.
Making their sad lives better
Always made her feel so nice.

She wrote a daily column,
Pounding out the best cliches'
There at her big computer
She spent many happy days.

Then one sunny party day,
Wilbur came to say
"Mary, you're a useful hack,
But I want 'Ask Wendy' back.

Out came the poisoned kelkies
With botulism-laced ghost pie.
Mary, the white-haired meddler
Will still be there for you and I.

Dave in Parma said...

Hilarious @Toots! I had a Journey t-shirt as a kid where guitarist Neil Schon and singer Steve Perry (among others) were wearing jumpsuits that also resembled Toby's running suit.

@mary: the dimension would only be all wrong for this strip if they were all right.

Here's hoping I have a lovely (and early starting)Blizzard '12 commute home today.

Allen said...

I love the strong feeling of ennui in Toby's expression. And weren't they just having dinner?

KitKat said...

@fauxprof at 11:03 AM, "Mary, the White-Haired Meddler" is an instant classic - thank you!

Nance said...

This comic strip would be great if it didn't move so fast and have so much going on all the time. If I miss a day, I get completely lost.

"What is 'Something readers of Mary Worth will never, ever say,' Alex?"


J.R. Clark said...
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Chester the Dog said...

@Gina: I agree at Marys poor sentence structure. She must be channeling her voice through Jeff's Kindle.