Friday, January 18, 2013

Mary Worth 1,511

C'mon Mary! It's already perfect! At least your side of the cake is. John's side of the cake is nothing more than a few unicorns and a corn cob.

I for one am going to really enjoy 2013, watching John and Mary practice making this genius cake over and over and over again.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know, maybe I just don't get out often enough, but is that cake unbelievable or what? I mean, really, how many cakes have you ever seen with flowers made of frosting! Brilliant design, John, brilliant!

Anonymous said...

And look at the size of that cake! That must be at least, what, two layers?? I tell you, those other contestants might as well pick up their sheet cakes and go on home.

Anonymous said...

They hardly need to ice the cake, since it was already pink.

fauxprof said...

Mary and John (never John and Mary) enter the competition venue, and see, displayed before them, an array of cakes with the theme, "The Beauty of Nature". Among them:

A bonsai tree crafted of cinnamon bark, marzipan and spun sugar.

An array of colorful mushrooms, lovingly sculpted, the royal icing hand-painted with a watercolor brush and edible food dyes to exactly duplicate reality.

An adorable baby fox touching noses with a baby hedgehog, each hair meticulously delineated.

Of course, Mary and John (never John and Mary) are supremely confident that their pink cake, suitable for a little girl's family birthday party, or the bridge club tea at the Senior Center, will carry the day with ease!

KitKat said...

If anyone knows anything about perfection, it's Mary Worth.

I searched through the excellent archive maintained by Wanders to revisit the giant birthday cake at LiZa Colby's surprise birthday party for Dr. Drew Cory (see Mary Worth 1,035; May 31, 2011). That cake blows Mary and John's ho-hum pink job out of the water. Back to the baking powder, you two.

heydave said...

And just let me say this with all sincerity... Whhaaaa...???"

JustSayin' said...

@fauxprof--loved your comments! :-)

The thing that really strikes me about today's installment... John goes from too insecure to enter this esteemed competition to massively delusional about his talents. Seems like maybe Eleanor made sure he stayed on his medication.

Nance said...

John Dill Creepiness Factor today: 7.

Several arcs this story could follow.
1. John Dill becomes more and more domineering and refuses Mary's input/help. His cake tanks; he becomes inconsolable and depressed. Mary has to jolly him up.

2. John Dill becomes more and more enthralled with Mary and her attention, mistakes it for romantic entanglement. Mary has to gently disabuse him of his notion. He becomes mortified; cake contest hangs in the balance.

3. John Dill becomes more and more creepy and authoritarian about the cake design. Alienates Mary. She bows out, John Dill fails, and she has to talk him off the ledge.

4. John Dill tries to be pushy and obnoxious, but Mary gently gets her pushy way. He learns about being cooperative, realizing his dream and goals, and wins the cake contest. Mary is given credit in his acceptance speech, and we never hear of John Dill again until The Worthies.

Doodle Bean said...

Ah, the beauty of nature... perfect pink roses with pink leaves on a pink ground.


limber Joe said...

Take a look at these cakes, then look at Uncle Joe's cake.

kathyo said...

When I was 8 years old, my best friend's mom made my birthday cake. It was an 11" fashion doll in the center. Her dress and especially the full skirt--elaborately decorated--was the cake part. For my brother's birthday, my mother created a 3-dimensional cake shaped and decorated like a rocket ship. This was in the early 1960's. The DillWorth cake doesn't even come close.

Anonymous said...

With a design like that, can the cake baker's hall of fame be far behind?

Doodle Bean said...
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Doodle Bean said...

limber Joe,

Pish tosh! That cake has nothing to do with the beauty of nature!!

Now, these cakes have to do with the beauty of nature!

KitKat said...

@Doodle Bean at 11:56 AM, those cakes are dazzling! I'd hate to see Mary and John's interpretation of a forest floor, though - egad.

Dave in Parma said...

And 'Stupid is as Stupid does', Mary...

I think the cake needs a little more pink.

meg said...

A retired hotelier named Dill,
Said, "Cake design gives me a thrill"
I'd love to compete,
To win would be sweet,
Then Mary got all up in my grill.

When Mary came to my place,
She said, "John, this cake's a disgrace!
It's pink and it's limp;
It smells like boiled shrimp!"
Mary Worth got right up in my face!

Mary Worth, I said,
My wife Eleanor's dead,
And I made a vow
I would never allow
Another old biddy to mess with my head.

She said, "John, get my coat!
You're just an old goat!"
Mary, my dear,
Please get out of here,
Or I'll shove this (beautiful, likely prize-winning) cake down your throat!

"John, you big brute,
When you're angry you're cute!
Just give me a kiss,
We'll forget about this,
And I won't have to file a lawsuit."

Doodle Bean said...

Kit Kat,

Yes, a pink forest floor would be disconcerting, wouldn't it?

Allen said...

My thoughts exactly Anonymous (all of them!). I mean really just.. *sigh* I'm actually hoping they DO win so we can move on. On the other hand I guess it could be worse... *shudders to think about Dawn's moping*.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links, Limber Joe and Doodle Bean. You guys are absolutely right. None of those cakes even come close to John Dill's design. He will leave those lame entries in the dust! Bet they wish they'd thought of pink frosting flowers!

fauxprof said...

Ah, the art of the limerick! Meg, you are a true genius.

meg said...

Thanks,fauxprof-I think I'm actually on that thin line.

Doodle Bean said...

meg, don't worry! Just enjoy it as we all enjoyed that limerick!

(Sorry I didn't mention it earlier.)

Anonymous said...

I was inspired by the archives reference, to go back and re-read Chester's story, which is when I started following MW and found this blog. Once again I was struck by the quality Xray the vet took, and Mary's "half tennis ball" bike helmet.

--Beagle Vet