Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mary Worth 1,540

I know everyone was really excited to wake up this morning to see Mary's floating head out the airplane window.

Probably even more excited than we were over Gina's floating head.

But nothing filled my heart with joy more than to finally complete my perfect Handsome Jeff Trifecta.

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NonnyMus said...

LOL! Upon reflection, I think the floating Mary Worth is actually a stone bust of Mary that is about to smash John Dill's window. That's why it's that stone color instead of having flesh tones and blue hair like Gina.

John Dill is smiling at the thought of release from his heartbreak.

Either that, or he's hallucinating.

I also laughed at how Dr. Jeff is channeling Charlie Sheen. That whole conversation sounds just like it was taking place in Charlie's head.

Nance said...

Friday was Proud Mary; today is Cloud Mary.

Tomorrow, one thing we know is that we won't see Shroud Mary.

Dave in Parma said...

That's actually a Statue of Mary to the east of Manhattan on the approach to JFK. New York needed something to balance out the island with the Statue of liberty to the west.

Now that May has parked her plane car, it's good to see Dr. Jeff has fired up his boat car.

How much do you think Dr Jeff paid the judges to get John Dill away from his woman for eight months?

KitKat said...

1. It's helpful that Mary refers to "the renowned" Chef Pierre so that doesn't confuse him with some other Chef Pierre.

2. Mary's still a candidate for the papacy - still sporting the beanie.

3. Note John Dill's green jacket - somehow he won the Masters between yesterday and today.

KitKat said...

Oops - I meant to type "so that Jeff doesn't." (Of course, this pertains to all MW readers as well. So many Chef Pierres out there.)

NonnyMus said...

I like to think it was the power of Mary Worth's manifestation that turned John Dill's brown jacket to green and his blue eyes to black!

As it apparently took place as Mary Worth and Dr. Jeff congratulated themselve, it might have been the power of smugness which did it, though!

NonnyMus said...

@Dave in Parma, I like your theory of the giant Mary Worth statue. That's why John Dill is smiling - he gets to 'live his dream' in NYC and see Mary Worth (in statue form) on his one day off a week!

Shmoopie said...

For those among you who predicted the apparition of Cloud Mary - kudos! But don't you find it also a bit troubling that you are able to think like Moy and Giella?

r u ok? said...

Because of Mary Worth I have now developed a fear of flying. Thanks Moy and Giella.

Shmoopie said...

Moy and Giella have never disappointed me. I’ve been reading the strip for years, and so far every story has been more bland and insipid than the one before. I can’t wait for the next one to begin! Will we be watching grout dry or someone ordering a helping of steamed white rice at the Bum Boat? Or will another denizen of the Worthiverse take a cruise only to get stuck on the boat at sea after an engine fire takes out the electrical systems? Wow! That last idea came to me in a flash of inspiration. I think I’ll contact M&G right away and pitch it!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if John reported that apparition of Mary to the Catholic church?

Anonymous said...

I was truly delighted to see the floating head outside of the aeroplane window. What a way to start the day.

meg said...

While we're waiting for something to actually happen, I wanted to share a bit of information that those of you who don't live in Santa Royale may find interesting:

Unbeknownst to most of the world, but well known to the denizens of Santa Royale, there is a strong link with the Rolling Stones in the community.

Every year or so, when the Stones are readying their aging bodies for touring, they come to Santa Royale to prepare. The warm air is kind to their old bones, the accommodations are quaint and lovely, and the sound system at Santa Royale Convention Center is second to none.

Dr. Jeff sees to their aches and pains, Dr. Drew secures whatever 'medicine' they may require, Ian the fanboy haunts the convention center and cheers mightily when Mick and Keith and.....uh, the others... take the stage for a run through.

Meanwhile, Mary makes chicken POT pie, Toby struts her stuff backstage, and Dawn practices being a groupie. (She's actually a big Justin Bieber fan, but hasn't yet broken into the inner circle.)

Occasionally Santa Royale PD has to call in at the arena. Paul McCartney showed up once and got all passive-aggressive with Mick-"I was Sir Paul when Sir Mick was just a gleam in Her Majesty's eye." "Yeah, well, the Queen always liked you best." SRPD separated them just before they separated their shoulders while fighting like girls.

Another time, Bruce Springsteen showed up and was totally dissed by the Stones.
"Hello, officer, this man keeps calling himself the Boss. Tony Danza is the Boss, and this guy is not Tony Danza."

But I digress. Charterstone Residents have special Rolling Stone playlists on their Opods.

Here's John Dill's:

I Wanna be your man
Flight 505
I Got the Blues
If You Really Want to be My Friend (You'll Come to New York With Me)
It's All Over Now
Love in Vain
I'ts No Use in Crying
You Got the Silver (hair)

And Dr. Jeff's:

I Wanna Be Your Man
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
(I Often Prescribe) Mother's Little Helper
(For a Change, Let's Eat at) Ruby Tuesday
Not Too Proud to Beg
Dangerous Beauty
Heart of Stone
Let's Spend the Night Together

Mary Worth's:

Please Go Home (Dawn and Toby, You're Tiresome)
Saint of Me
Sympathy for the Devil
Under My Thumb
Dear Doctor
Get Off of My Cloud
You Can't Always Get What You Want
I Can't Be Satisfied

JustSayin' said...

@Schmoopie--loved the grout/rice comment! But you already just gave them an idea. The next chapter: Mary, while inquiring about having her bathroom remodeled, meets Sal a down-on-his luck tile-layer. He aspires to tile the bathrooms of Hollywood stars. Mary will be there right by his side, helping him perfect his technique...grout trowel in hand to help him achieve this noble goal.

Shmoopie said...

@ JustSayin'
There could be an epic conflict right there. After all, TOBY is the tile expert - and as a consequence knows quite a bit about grout too!

fauxprof said...

@JustSayin and Shmoopie: will the grout be pink?

And the unseen consequences of John Dill seeing the giant floating Maryhead--he goes all William Shatner over it, as in the classic "Twilight Zone" episode.

Thorpnotized said...

If this is some sort of pattern, then the next floating head to appear outside the airplane window will be John Dill's. But I wonder who will be seeing it...

Yahoonski said...

We are definitely talking 2 different dreams here. Mary's is to see John continue his climb to the top of the cake-design mountain; John's is to see Mary jump out of a cake in her birthday suit!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Aldo saw a floating Mary head right before he drove over a cliff . . .

Delilah said...

Mary in her birthday suit!? Ewwww.

Ben said...

Yes sir, today is a big ol' fan-service day from Moya and Joe to us.

Lost in the Worthiverse said...

Oh Wanders, what do you do when Mary Worth repeats?

kathyo said...

That must be a really long flight from Santa Royale to NYC; they've been in the air since Saturday. And John Dill is still upset since he learned they don't serve a meal.

Thorpnotized said...

Yes! A new storyline, and already a mystery is brewing (along with a pot of chicken soup)! Will Toby be able to solve Mary's puzzling neighbor riddle by the end of the week? And will Comics Kingdom ever fix today's strip, or will we see yesterday's strip again tomorrow?

KitKat said...

@Thorpnotized at 9:20 AM, maybe the Comics Kingdom people loved the DillWorth Cake plot so much, they can't bear to move on to Mary's next meddling episode. I am so glad I was able to see Mary stirring soup in today's Plain Dealer (Cleveland), which bolsters the "Save the Plain Dealer" campaign we northeast Ohioans are waging. I hope Steve Newhouse reads this blog.

BTW, one does not cook homemade chicken soup in a kettle that small. I think Mary opened a can and is pulling a fast one on Toby.

SR Airways Security said...

Careful with that scarf Mary. Remember what happened to Jayne Mansfield.

Anonymous said...

Maybe what was supposed to be today's strip was so stupid that Joe refused to illustrate it.

meg said...

Paranoid theory alert:
Something like this horror (repeated strip) happens several times a year. I think this is the Syndicate's way of determining how many people actually read the strip. Sooner or later MW will only be available by subscription!
Many people need to write and complain. SAVE MARY WORTH!

Thorpnotized said...

Comics Kingdom fixed the repeated strip error, in case you haven't checked it lately.

We're back to impossible room configurations again...

Dave in Parma said...


Mary's not sick; she's off da hook.

That whole stove-island thing with the chairs to trip over behind it are throwing me.

So glad Toby was able to eat the apple with the 'eat me' sign on it and grow back to normal size. I had a similar response to Toby's upon seeing tiny Mary in panel 2, but more along the lines of '?!'

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, it was Isadora Duncan who died of a broken neck when her scarf got caught up in the wheel of her open moving car. Poor Jayne died of head trauma when her automobile rear ended a slow moving tractor trailer.

kathyo said...

When I make chicken soup, I make it in a deep stockpot, not a 2-quart pan.

NonnyMus said...

The room configuration anomalies can be explained by the fact that Mary keeps her stove on wheels and pushes it around the kitchen as she cooks. That's why her posture is so odd as she stirs.

Thorpnotized said...

Anyone else notice the changing collar on Mary's dress? Pointy in the first panel, rounded in the second.

Anonymous said...

Thorp, I'm more concerned about the location of her right hand! Did she slip it under the burner to catch any chicken soup that might slop over the edge of that 1-guart saucepan?

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